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  1. Map Thread XVIII

    I presume the aliens here would be WOTW Martians, Barsoomians, and Selenites rather than little green men.
  2. Map Thread XVII

    Monarchy world!
  3. The "Where has gone?" Map Thread

    I have changed Hungary and the Czech Republic to "multiple AH.commers" after looking at the wiki and previous requests on this thread. The pitch-black box in France was removed.
  4. Map Thread XVII

    Considering all the afterlifes that they can go to, unbelievers must be a relatively small amount of the folks in hell.
  5. An Examination of Extra-Universal Systems of Government

    A surviving E.I.C? It's just good business. ;) Also, spotted the Space Cadet reference.
  6. WIP Map Thread

  7. WIP Map Thread

    Pro Pelle Cutem
  8. The "Where has gone?" Map Thread

    I'm not so sure about it being blocked in China. I've been able to access it in Guangzhou.
  9. The "Where has gone?" Map Thread

    Thy wish has been granted
  10. The "Where has gone?" Map Thread

    Added Damein and Redbaron
  11. The "Where has gone?" Map Thread

    What do you exactly mean by "hook"? Do you want it changed to multiple ah.commers?
  12. Map Thread XVII

    Neu Stuttgart IV?
  13. Map Thread XVII

  14. Map Thread XVII

    I'm internally debating on what Antarctica will be like. One part of me is saying "it will be one colour", the other is saying "That would be way too easy." :biggrin:
  15. Map Thread XVI

  16. Map of the Fortnight: Main Discussion Thread

    Now This is Podracing!- Make a map of a transportation system. Credits are no good around here- Make a map involving an economic depression.
  17. Map Thread XVI

    "Snowhead" Hilarious:D
  18. Map Thread XVI

    A little dieselpunky thing I've made in a surprisingly short amount of time. It will be the first map of a three-parter, based off of invasion literature and paleofutures, with a bit of H. G. Wells. In 1807, Napoleon decides to not invade Spain. He also doesn't enter in a war with the...
  19. Map Thread XVI

    It's based off of Goliaths TYORAS maps. Where the nuke was invented during the war.
  20. Map Thread XVI

    Them little pixel people, so cute!:)