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  1. Confederados to South Africa instead of Brazil

    No slavery in South Africa, why would they go?
  2. Would France have surrendered if Germany took Paris in September 1914

    Hard to see them winning an on-going war in that scenario, yeah. 1870 on steroids.
  3. PC: Geothermal and Solar powered Industrial Revolution

    Also, did the people at the time have the ecological concepts to 'green' an area? Like, climatology and meteorology were in their infancy.
  4. Could The Entente Win Without America?

    It should be noted that the longer the war went on, the more power the hard-liners got in nearly every government.
  5. Could The Entente Win Without America?

    I think so, yes.
  6. Make Israel and Palestine politically irrelevant in the west.

    Keep the Ottoman Empire around?
  7. AHC: Have the British Isles be Europe's Japan

    Hard to have a Japan without a China.
  8. Was D Day necessary?

    What does 'necessary' mean in this context?
  9. Napoleon frees the serfs and give them all of the nobility's land he can get his hands on, what then?

    Does this line up with Napoleon's goals in Russia though? His goal was to bring Russia to heel and, essentially, acknowledge him as the arbiter of Europe (and join his effort to economically attack Britain). He wanted Russia to sue for peace and dictate terms, not push Russia into a death match...
  10. "East" Vs "West": A Comparable "Eastern" Army

    Winning a war in the boardroom is a far more impressive skill, if you ask me. Anyway, here are some that might work? Ethiopia beat up Italy. Do naval battles count? Japan just annihilating Russia...
  11. What if coronavirus had occurred in the mid of 19th century?

    Coronavirus is barely a blip compared to the actual scourges they dealt with on a daily basis back then. You think anyone would notice a dieiease that kills, at most, 2% of the people who get it (mostly old) when you have smallpox, cholera and yellow fever running around in every major city?
  12. Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline

    Might be a big knock-on effects that delay/neuter the coming 'British Century'.
  13. Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline

    So what happens to Wellington, actually?
  14. Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline

    Not an expert in the period but I find Nappy dying after everything (except the 100 Days) to be a counter intuitive POD (in a good way).
  15. Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline

    Enjoying it so far.
  16. Latest ACW could have been delayed?

    I think you could avoid it. I have a partial TL about my take on it.
  17. Marching On: John Brown Strikes South

    Very interesting. A different take on confronting the Slave Power.
  18. WI: Nazi leadership survives to be tried at Nuremberg?

    So is the idea the Allies capture them or do the Russians give them over?
  19. Was Abraham Lincoln the "Man of the Hour"?

    It is hard to say since Lincoln got the chance, and no one else did. For all we know someone else might have done even better but our OTL blindness makes it hard to see it. I really should get to work on my Douglas wins in 1856 TL....