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  1. Cregan

    Could European colonialism have existed without gunpowder?

    This one of the most interesting impacts of no gunpowder - the rise of the three great Asiatic Islamic Gunpowder Empires (Ottomans, Safavids and Mughals) is altered, or even outright averted, and horse-archer based steppe nomadic armies will continue to dominate the vast Eurasian Steppe and...
  2. Cregan

    What is the latest date all of Islam could realistically have been politically unified into a single caliphate?

    1. Limit the territorial extent of the Caliphate, probably keeping it confined to the same territory as the Achaemenid Persian Empire (Persia, Afghanistan, Transoxiana, Mesopotamia, Syria and the Levant, Egypt, Anatolia, Thrace and the Caucasus) + Arabia, the Horn of Africa and a bit of the...
  3. Cregan

    'the Victorious': Seleucus Nicator and the world after Alexander

    The Antigonids are dead and gone ITTL, it is the Seleucids who rule Macedonia, Thrace and Epirus now.
  4. Cregan

    'the Victorious': Seleucus Nicator and the world after Alexander

    Why has Dionysus been adopted as a war god instead of the preexisting war god Ares? Greek mythology is not my strong suit, so any explanation would be appreciated. I know the Seleucids would probably not want to adopt the war goddess Athena given her close association with Athens, but Dionysus...
  5. Cregan

    'the Victorious': Seleucus Nicator and the world after Alexander

    Conquering the Ptolemaic Kingdom should be a priority, it will allow the Seleucids to eliminate their most dangerous rival, unify the entire Hellenistic world and recreate the empire of Alexander. Also, the Seleucid borders in India and Central Asia appear to be stable, so there is no reason to...
  6. Cregan

    Horus Triumphant - an Alternate Antiquity timeline

    Good update. Thrace and Bithynia should be shockingly easy for Alexander Hierax to overrun and annex now, giving him control over the entire northern periphery of mainland Greece. It would be cool to see him raise the Epirote banner over Byzantium.
  7. Cregan

    'the Victorious': Seleucus Nicator and the world after Alexander

    We know the Parthians arose later, but I’m still quite concerned about the Seleucid Empire’s steppe frontier at this time, especially with all this internal instability and Ptolemaic tensions. Is there a rising nomadic threat against the Seleucids at this time, or is Central Asia quiet?
  8. Cregan

    'the Victorious': Seleucus Nicator and the world after Alexander

    Does the Seleucid Empire control all of Anatolia now?
  9. Cregan

    AHC: Maximize the spread of Christianity

    It doesn't have to be particularly brutal, just more evangelical than the laissez-faire approach of the OTL Turco-Persian rulers of India, who did not encourage mass conversions to Islam IOTL. ITTL, I think greater evangelism on the part of these Christian Turco-Mongols rulers coupled with their...
  10. Cregan

    AHC: Maximize the spread of Christianity

    I think this scenario I posted elsewhere would do it: Islam does not exist. The Arab expansion across the Near East still occurs due to population and resource pressures in the...
  11. Cregan

    The New Order: A Successful Selim III

    Can the Ottomans hold onto Libya, Tunisia and Algeria?
  12. Cregan

    The New Order: A Successful Selim III

    This raises another interesting point - is Ottoman control over the Levant much firmer than IOTL? The bolded bit from the latest update makes me think Constantinople needs to really exert even firmer control and apply reforms in the region.
  13. Cregan

    The New Order: A Successful Selim III

    Diriyah was a prosperous town and the Nejd had enough resources to enable the Saudis to build up enough of a powerbase to go on their rampage across the Middle East. That seems like enough to bring in tax revenues, which would also seem like enough of an incentive - not to mention the proximate...
  14. Cregan

    The New Order: A Successful Selim III

    Great update. However, what does it mean about the Nejd falling into chaos after Ibrahim Pasha's victory over the Saudis and destruction of Diriyah? Does that mean the Ottomans have let the region degenerate into an unproductive wasteland riven by violence, banditry and tribal infighting? That...
  15. Cregan

    PC: A Sikh Afghanistan?

    A more interesting avenue of expansion for Ranjit Singh is Sindh to the south - that would give the landlocked Sikh Empire access to the sea, in addition to yet another very wealthy and productive province.
  16. Cregan

    'the Victorious': Seleucus Nicator and the world after Alexander

    Ptolemy Ceraunus’ assassination attempt on Seleucus fails, and he is apprehended and executed instead. This then enables a surviving Seleucus to cross over into Europe and occupy Macedon. Has he occupied all of Thrace as well in the wake of slaying Lysimachus?
  17. Cregan

    Can Persia gain control of Indian Ocean trade in 16th-17th centuries?

    Yes, Safavid Persia can definitely take control of Indian Ocean trade, under the right conditions - basically, if the victorious scenario outlined in @Ṭahmāsp Mirzā's timeline can occur, the Safavids - having essentially grown to the size of the Achaemenids (minus the Balkans) - should be able...
  18. Cregan

    Prevent the decline of the Mughal empire

    Maybe something similar to the Tokugawa Shogunate, whereby ageing Shoguns abdicate the throne to their designated heir towards the end of their life, but still retain some authority in tandem with their heir, who officially takes the throne but still has the support of his predecessor for some...
  19. Cregan

    British Indonesia

    Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei will be combined into a single British colonial administration and may gain independence as a single entity after decolonisation (this might even include Papua New Guinea).