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  1. Malaya What If

    That is the fun of this forum, you always learn from each other. And the Royal Netherlands Navy did not had dedicated troop ships. My goodness, would the patricians, who ruled the Netherlands in The Hague will say: " The army and navy budgets is already high enough let alone waste money on troop...
  2. A Union Reborn

    I do have objections against the almost typical eighties downplaying view of Ronald Reagan. Yes hes he had a career as movie actor, but since the early sixties, if not fifties, he was involved in politics culmulating in the goevernorship of the state of California, before he was elected as...
  3. Malaya What If

    Dear RR, I need to make a minor remark on this. The Dutch had a long history of merchant shipping and ship building, partly due to their relative large overseas possesions. There for the connections with this overseas possesions was very well developed. You could take every two weeks a mail...
  4. Alternate warships of nations

    nice point of view, only the Royal Netherlands Navy, build her ships for the defense of Netherlands East India, Indonesia. The Northsea was defended by, mines, torpedoboats and submarines. By the 1900 the Dutch ship yards and industry was capable enough to build this type of ships whitout...
  5. Alternate warships of nations

    The war ships of this era looks as pure steampunk
  6. The life of Prince Frederik ''Fritz'' of Orange-Nassau, and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands

    1830-1831: Despite ongoing differences, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands remains intact under King Willem I's rule. However, a growing desire for greater autonomy and representation continues to simmer in the kingdom, not only in the South but as well in the Northern provinces. King Willem...
  7. The life of Prince Frederik ''Fritz'' of Orange-Nassau, and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands

    1815-1818: Following the Congress of Vienna, King Willem I of the Netherlands, with the support and counsel of his brother Prince Frederik, works diligently to consolidate the diverse territories now under his rule. The Kingdom of the Netherlands proves to be a formidable and stable entity...
  8. The life of Prince Frederik ''Fritz'' of Orange-Nassau, and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands February 5, 1774: Prince Frederik of Orange-Nassau is born in The Hague, Dutch Republic, as the youngest son of William V, Prince of Orange, and Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia. Early Life: Prince Frederick, also known as...
  9. Malaya What If

    Sorry but can't help to spoil this time line with some KPM posters, reflecting the excotic worlds and destinations. Most of these are from the late 30ties, the ones from the 20ties are very nice art-deco prints KPM,= ''Komt Pas Morgen" = ''won't come until tomorrow'' No doubt the British...
  10. Malaya What If

    Brilliant :closedeyesmile: Every time I read about how the British and also the Dutch aquired and ruled there Indian and Indonesian empire, it surpisess me. It appears to me that it is distinctivly different as the other European colonial empires.
  11. Alternate warships of nations

    In my initial post I did mean before the WNT, so exactly in the time you mentioned, 1919-1921
  12. Malaya What If

    Given the masive size of the dry- and floating docks, I imagine that the workshops and machine shops should be more than able to machine complicated parts. Many shipyards of this eara, even the smaller ones, had a remarcable diversification of items it could machine, forge or cast, There for...
  13. Malaya What If

    The Jeep was certainly inuse by this time, especially in Malaya and NEI, it was called the Bantam Jeep. The American Bantam Car Company invented the vehicle and produced it since 1940.
  14. Alternate warships of nations

    You are right, it was a bit too big what if. It was just a thought to get something like this two beautiful ships in the NEI
  15. Alternate warships of nations

    Yes I am aware of there modernity, which made them atractive. The impetus of Britain would some sort of extra tonnage for hevy units with Jutland experience or so? And the bolstering of a small nation's Far East possesions? I know it is a small base
  16. Alternate warships of nations

    Would it be possible that the British sell their 2 Renown-class battlecruisers to the Netherlands, in the advent of the Washington naval treaty negotiantions? In a sort of forward looking policy in order to increase the Far East naval precence at the expense of an other nation and to create...
  17. Frankie Goes to the Hofburg, or Napoléon II, Regent of Austria?

    May be I missed it, but is Belgium dissolved or occupied by the North Netherlands or divided?
  18. Frankie Goes to the Hofburg, or Napoléon II, Regent of Austria?

    Very Interesting. So the battle at Boomplaats will not occure but an other battle will take place and this time the British lose ? I ownder how the lowere ranks of the Cape Corps act since at this time it was still a collored, mixed origin unit, but since the British took over the Cape for...
  19. Malaya What If

    No apologies needed, enjoy your holidays and grandchildren. Since there where no comments on your timeline, I thought that there was something wrong with the forum :-D
  20. The Imperial Netherlands

    I like the idea and it have the potential of a very large shift in European history. There is a lot of input and sugestions but this is only responded with butterflies. Can you give us a time line of the posible events or changes ?