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  1. Flag Thread V

    The Flag of the Confederation of Lylybium combines the dominant elements of the flags of Arthor and Caarns, the two largest constituent "nations" of the Confederation. Originally produced during the personal union of the Kingdoms of Arthor-Caarns, it has served as the national flag of Lylybium...
  2. Graphic Thread

    Property of the crown in the Potomac river valley. The official royal residence, Washington Palace, is also largely ceremonial. Much of the business of the crown within in the District is conducted at the Arlington House, outside of downtown and with a little more privacy. However the royals...
  3. Flag Thread V

    Flag thread is ON A ROLL this past couple weeks. Good work, all!
  4. Graphic Thread

    Continuing a work in progress, a family tree of the Washington dynasty: the ruling family of the United States for the past 236 years. -~-~-~- George I George Washington First king of the United States of America and for whom the throne was created. Inhabited the throne for 13 years, during...
  5. Return of the terrible flag thread.

    And I'm Proo-oud to be a Pocatello-an, where at least I know I'm --- copyright (c) Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce
  6. More 'fun' political traditions

    Do the Pope's Swiss Guard count? They seem rather fun. Here's the drawer of the Democratic leader's desk:
  7. Flag Thread V

    Hey good stuff! I look forward to seeing that timeline.
  8. A Divided Shores - The Two Nations of North America

    My two cents is I tend to agree. When I was addressing this same question on my own, I even went to the length of identifying Black Migration destination cities and reversing the demographic trends of those cities and added them back to the places those folks had come from down South. This...
  9. My first map

    Would you mind saying a bit about what's going on in this world? It looks like it was a lot of fun to create!
  10. Graphic Thread

    Then - yes. I think so. The Carolinas at some point in history seem to have wanted that and that motif is partial inspiration here. Much of the South will have historically been lorded over in this way and some places probably still are. edit for graphic: Sir Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill...
  11. Graphic Thread

    Not necessarily. However the US Senate was historically selected by the States on whatever basis they felt appropriate. Dominions and Provinces with empowered nobility could earmark all their seats for Lords, but this would usually be by convention. Only South Carolina might be so bold as to...
  12. Graphic Thread

    Definitely mostly honorific, but not without some power. Most nobility will already be leading citizens no doubt, and many will be the aristocracy of OTL's South anyway, so a good bit of social status goes hand-in-hand with the titles. I imagine that the monarchy and government alike will be...
  13. Graphic Thread

    A reference sheet for my "Washington-Lee" dynasty in a monarchical USA. Full names and the particulars of children in each generation are probably not finalized. Much of the artwork by others, but I tried my own hand with the personal standards, which was a fun bit of work. edit, bonus...
  14. No Environmentalist Movement?

    Even the environmentalist victories of the 60s in the US were begun in the 50s.
  15. The Winkel-Tripel BAM project

    Those are the republics and autonomous regions within the Russian Federation.
  16. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    I guess I got caught up on your mention of Rollerball, but I see what you're getting at now. Pretty cool images!
  17. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    I'm imagining Rocket League but with planes?
  18. Where have they Been? (Mk. III)
    Threadmarks: Lyly

    I updated the US map for Eckener and I. EDIT - I did miss Hawai'i and Washington State from Eckener's entry.
  19. Flag Thread IV

    That's a great flag! In this case, I modified an earlier design I had done where I was working forward from the French tricolor and trying to basically build the flag around the river. I'm definitely glad to see the symbology is popular.
  20. Flag Thread IV

    All's well as God has long abandoned Mississippi. :D