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  1. WI: Garfield Lives, serves two full terms.

    Maybe they go after the gold in the Yukon to solve a crippling depression. Black Hills 2: Electric Bugaloo
  2. DBWI: Dictatorial USSR, Democratic US

    Who knows, Russia may still be under the thumb of a red Tsar. The US might have held together. Russia certainly would be more atheist or secular. Georgy Malenkov seemed quite willing to work with Church as part of his populist program. Nowadays Putin seems to bringing back a lot polices from...
  3. WI: Garfield Lives, serves two full terms.

    I was hoping James G. Blaine could craft an anti-British foreign policy. It wouldn't cause a conflict in the Garfield Administration, but maybe those chickens could come to roost during the late 1890s?
  4. WI: Garfield Lives, serves two full terms.

    This a basically shitposting :pensive: Can we have a serious discussion about Garfield? So what do you guys think about the VP thing? Who could be President in 1888?
  5. Wagner’s Germany: An Axis Victory TL

    Such a small morsel, but so enjoyable! Great as always, looking forward to the next update.
  6. No Communist occupation of south China- how does Franco-Viet Minh struggle play out then?

    I would assume the French could win, at least strategically. The Vietminh couldn't win a pitched battle, or capture a city, without Sino-Soviet armaments. So the ball would be in France's corner. Maybe the public lose the win to fight. Maybe Algeria becomes the priority. Maybe the French...
  7. WI: Garfield Lives, serves two full terms.

    This discussion hasn't been posed in a while so I'll start a new thread. So what would it look like if James A. Garfield got to serve two full terms? What would his administration look like? What would be it's achievements? Foreign Policy? Also, what if he had a different Vice President...
  8. President John Davis Lodge

    I'll bump this for OP
  9. Wagner’s Germany: An Axis Victory TL

    So what's happening with the Soviet Union? I mean is there a Winter War?
  10. President John Davis Lodge

    This is certainly interesting, I wish somebody with expertise on the matter would chime in.
  11. Wagner’s Germany: An Axis Victory TL

    This TL is great! It's really kept my interest where most fade for me, you manage to really keep things interesting. Not to mention that flag is straight-up badass.
  12. President Dukakis: Is he re-elected in '92?

    Isn't this sort of a running gag now? Massacre butterflies to elect Obama in any universe no matter what.
  13. AHC/WI: Zhili Clique Unifies China

    I'd assume that by 1928 the Zhili Clique will be in control of most of China, lower Manchuria, Peking, Shanghai, Canton...resistance may carry on on the central plains, mountains, and steppe several years, but by 1938, China would be united. They would industrialize and modernize earlier...
  14. AHC/WI: Zhili Clique Unifies China

    There's seems to have been a brief window in the early 1920s during the Zhili-Fengtian where the Zhili Clique nearly gained victory uniting China. But how could they have won? And what if they won? What would the 'Nanjing Decade' look like under Zhili Clique rule? What direction would they...
  15. What Was China Like Just After The Civil War?

    I have that one Escape From Red China by Robert Loh. It's from 1963. It's was a great read, very insightful.
  16. Twilight of the Red Tsar

    Am I the only who has noticed that early Richard Nixon seems to be a trope in dystopian timelines? Why not Christian Herter? or Averell Harriman?
  17. Gao Gang sidelining Zhou Enlai?

    Nobody else? Wouldn't Gao Gang replacing Zhou Enlai and Rao Rishi replacing Liu Shaoqi have drastic effects? Considering Zhou Enlai was China's flagship diplomat and Shaoqi replaced Mao during the period between the Great Leap Backward and the Cultural Revolution, them being replaced would...