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  1. Grey Eminence

    Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    As described, there may be two separate problems. The first is slope stability with "the side that was tilting down the slope". A few percent is understandable for surface drainage but a dramatic tilt suggests a cut/fill section with the fill starting to creep down the hill. Simply piling more...
  2. Grey Eminence

    December 7, 1941. The Day Japan Attacked the Panama Canal

    I don't think it would be obvious as a torpedo run. You are Joe-Gunner assigned to an inland AA gun and have a sort of understanding that PanAm has the big fancy 4-engine flying boats. First thought probably is "What is PanAm doing there?" That makes it more than a strange plane, it is a strange...
  3. Grey Eminence

    Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    It is common enough in Canada. It is part of engineering degrees for instance. It is usually not original research (in engineering at any rate) and amounts to the equivalent of one class for one term in credit weighting. A glorified book report if you will. Mine was on active and passive mass...
  4. Grey Eminence

    Draka fanfics from forums

    That is a forum name I have not thought or heard of in many years. I wonder how long Shep's unnammed porno fanfic was in the end...
  5. Grey Eminence

    [Review] Japanese Carriers and Victory in the Pacific , 2021, Stansfeld, M.

    The premise of the book is an early Mutsu Incident gives Yamamoto and the carrier faction the means to shift ship construction from battleships and carrier-convertible ships to fleet and light carrier units after 1937. The core of the books looks at what was done OTL, what shipyard capacity was...
  6. Grey Eminence

    Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    Wasn’t expecting this. Now to waiting.
  7. Grey Eminence

    The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    Thank you YYJ for this tale. I enjoying following the war through my back yard. Attached are some scans from "The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces, 1910-1993".
  8. Grey Eminence

    Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    I am reminded of Star Wars, particularly "They let us go. It is the only reason for the ease of our escape." If Mithras comes to this conclusion first he could turn, try to run, double down on crazy, or do nothing at all in the expectation that he is being watched and might be safe from the...
  9. Grey Eminence


    I second Landshark's remarks;
  10. Grey Eminence

    Plausbility Check: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1708?

    Not plausible in my view. 1708 is just 11 years after the end of the 9 Years War which saw an English Army implement a planned scorched earth policy in Ireland. Depending on the estimate you pick approximately 6% to 13% of the Irish population (which is of course estimated) died; say 1 in 10...
  11. Grey Eminence

    How could France defeat the Royal Navy successfully?

    If you are looking at keeping the butterflies post-1793 I cannot think of minor alterations which would produce a dominant French Navy. With respect to the quality of ships there was no significant absolute difference in the quality of a ship built by the English, French or Spanish. Although...