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  1. Strategic bombing and (nerve) gas during WW2

    5 million would be around 10x the number of OTL casualties. Regardless of its effects on production (Upon which I can imagine it not having any effect), it would have other effects (such as demographic). Chlorine gas is different from (persistent) mustard gas, which in turn is different from...
  2. Strategic bombing and (nerve) gas during WW2

    I have. Unfortunately not a lot of conclusive information popped up. I've tried looking up info about delivery systems as well, but that information is scarce. As for "moral high ground". That is a relative term and more how they themselves saw it. I'm not making any moral judgement about the...
  3. Strategic bombing and (nerve) gas during WW2

    During WW2 nerve and poison gas never ended up being used in the European theatre. Apart from a few rare and isolated incidents in case of the latter. On the Axis side due to the Nazi leadership thinking the allies also had the knowledge and capability to manufacture and use them in greater...
  4. No Chinese Civil War?

    It's weird I wasn't able to find any results for this. When it comes to the Chinese Civil War, I've read many scenarios: Longer, shorter, a North/South split or a KMT victory. However, I've not read any where the war is prevented without a (major) pre-WW1/1911 POD. (For example see CCA's...
  5. Twilight of the Red Tsar

    First page and I am already hooked. Depending on where it goes from hereon. I assume that once the Soviet Union falls (or amusing that it does) it will be ranked at roughly the same level as Nazi Germany?
  6. Could Hitler Of Won The War If...

    I opened this thread thinking "5 cents it's about sea lion." :D
  7. 14 Years & A Signal , A Collaborative Timeline

    I normally don't like these 'kind' of timelines. But you have me hooked here.:D
  8. A Sun Setting...a slightly :) different Second World War

    Another idea that has been discussed many times in the past, but never executed. I'm already hooked. :cool: As for a POD: Perhaps the Anglo-Japanese alliance is preserved, or a second emerges in the 1930s? And somehow the US has been trying to stir trouble in their colonies, so a decision is...
  9. Could Nazi Germany Have Been Worse?

    Use bioweapons, nerve gas, raze European capitals to the ground, Generalplan Ost, nukes, Himmler/Heydrich in charge, Nazi victory followed by them going full Khmer Rouge on the outside "non-aryan" world, etc.
  10. AHC: Avert Sino-Soviet Split and more...

    Wouldn't Chinese membership of the Warsaw Pact turn the whole organisation into basically... China? I don't see it happening with the egos involved of those who ran both countries.

    Just finished reading. One of the most enjoyable TLIADs I have read so far. :cool:
  12. TLIAM: Keys to the White House I - A Thousand Points of Light

    This. :cool: Looking good so far.
  13. Victoria II

    I reccomend the pop demand mod and this flag mod. As for interesting gameplay: Try switching countries every 10-15 years and set new goals every time you switch. For example: Play as Sweden and try to form Scandinavia within 10-15 years (10 for hard mode), then switch to Mexico and prevent...
  14. AHC worst/ bloodiest wwi

    Nerve gas is manufactured and used in large quantities (tabun was publicized as early as 1902). Germans are more successful than OTL, Paris is taken but the entente do not relent, USA joins earlier and a policy of unconditional surrender is pursued. More genocides and Nanking style...
  15. DBWI: Kandahar Not Carpet-Bombed

    IC: In a hindsight, it was a horrible decission, especially being that it was later found out that not only was Al-Qaeda absent at the time and they didn't even have biological or chemical weapons either. Powell's presentation at the UN (including that now infamous map that supposedly showed...
  16. No Korean War/No Chinese Intervention In Korea

    [citation needed] Seriously though. This is the first time I have heard this.
  17. 1983 Warsaw Pact-NATO war?

    I think this is what you're looking for. :cool:
  18. Clinton impregnates Monica

    If she thinks he is a liability to her own ambitions? Definitely. Looking at her career, history, etc. it seems like she had great ambitions from the very beginning. I think that if she felt Bill could have compromised those ambitions she would have ditched him.
  19. Clinton impregnates Monica

    If he tries forcing her into an abortion than he is (politically) done for. Women's rights activists will vilify him for coercing Monica into having an abortion, while conservatives will scold him for getting her pregnant in the first place and 'defiling' the office. I don't think many...
  20. TL: The Most Horrifying Shock

    Subscribed. :cool: