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  1. Map Thread XVII

    Yep, it is! And it's nothing more than a label - mainly just because I didn't really know what to name it since it was in its own category, but considering their political extent, the name wouldn't be too far off either.
  2. Map Thread XVII

    It's been almost a year since I last posted of my community's collab world, so today we'll be focusing a bit on the political side of the world. Again, this is centered in the southwestern portion of the world. A few points: This world is pretty much an Earth analog in regards of life...
  3. The XK-BAM map series

    Absolutely incredible map. I look forward to this being developed more.
  4. Map Thread XVI

    Long live the Map Thread! If anyone remembers, I posted a map of a collab world my friends & I were working on some time ago. We've modified things bit by bit since then, and we've managed to figure out some elevation in the world. This is just one of the more complete sections of the planet...
  5. Map Thread XV

    Last year, a couple of friends and I started working on a collaborative world project. We actually started a project years ago that involved using the site NationStates with our nations being in the world, but it sort of fell off since the world was pretty much unrealistic in terms of geological...
  6. Playing music somewhere in the distance.

    Playing music somewhere in the distance.
  7. The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

    Impressive work! Really digging the maps; I can't imagine how long it took to do the lakes in the Canadian Arctic. :p
  8. Map Thread XII

    A WIP of a collaborative world project in a community which I'm in. Our main map is actually an equilateral map, but for the fun of it, since we were inspired by the Worlda maps here, we decided to try to convert it to a Robinson project. :) In the near future, I'll most likely be trying to...
  9. Map Thread XII

    No color entry for Portugal?
  10. Base Maps from 550 BC to Modern Day, all in UCS!

    I think this is the most updated one.
  11. Map Thread XII

    The U.N. during the war was the official term for the Allies. The U.N. we have today was created after the war.
  12. Collaborative Challenge: Most Confusing Map

    Better techniques and less Chinese influence in the Southeast Asia region allowed the Kingdom of Siam to grow even farther and encroach into the Malay Peninsula, where its power remains undivided. Control of most of the Mekong River has allowed its empire to thrive in the east, maintaining...
  13. Base Maps from 550 BC to Modern Day, all in UCS!

    Are the separate regions in China supposed to be the autonomous regions? If so, then it should be Guangxi that should be outlined, not Yunnan.
  14. Map Thread XII

    Independent Hawaii won? :p
  15. Map Thread XII

    Probably needs a label there, in that case.
  16. Map Thread XII

    It's more likely to be apart of the British Cession of 1924, I'd think.
  17. Base Maps from 550 BC to Modern Day, all in UCS!

    Telangana patch. Could be improved on, I'd think.
  18. The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

    Telangana patch.
  19. Map Thread XII

    That actually looks more similar to the Russian Empire's (?) Kazakhstan. IIRC the border was tied to the limits of the Kazakh people living in Russia at the time.