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  1. A Convenient Truth

    I'M BACK! :D After an extremely long hiatus (Senior year of high school was way too busy) I am finally back to writing! I was trying to brainstorm another FH timeline, but I simply couldn't get any good ideas, so I decided to take the standard FH format and apply it to a real alternate...
  2. A Convenient Truth

    A CONVENIENT TRUTH - THE GORE ADMINISTRATION AND BEYOND - “Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilization in World War Two. We have everything we need except political will, but political will is a renewable resource.” - Al Gore Welcome back to Election...
  3. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    A Convenient Truth - The Gore Administration and Forward
  4. Map Thread XII

    Do you have the basemap for this that you traced off of? I have been trying to find a good North America map but none of them were full or had a decent amount of detail.
  5. MotF 100: The Centenary - Voting thread

    There were a number of amazing entries this round, and I had to make the hard decision to go with Nanwe, just because his map's premise was really cool and executed well. The map of New Zealand* excited my inner Francophile, and gets a significant honorable mention as well. :)
  6. The Falcon Cannot Hear: The Second American Civil War 1937-1944

    I just took some time to read this! I probably should have been writing, but I couldn't have asked for a better distraction. :D It is quite sobering to see that it is really not that far off of the mark that things really could have gone sour in the US without the New Deal. Thank goodness...
  7. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    I could have butterflied it, but wasn't it an operation years in the making? I find it hard to believe that they would go back on their plans unless something major happened to them.
  8. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    - A CONVENIENT TRUTH - 2004 On August 22, 2001, Americans woke up expecting another normal day. What they recieved was anything but. At 9:15 AM eastern time, a commercial airliner crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers that towered over the New York City skyline. People across the...
  9. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    Not quite sure what possessed me to put that, thanks for pointing it out.
  10. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    - A CONVENIENT TRUTH - 2000 The election between Democratic nominee Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George Bush ended up being an extremely close nail biter. Incumbent President Clinton was fairly popular because of how well he handled the economy, giving the federal government a rare...
  11. MotF 90: Not Built in a Day - Voting thread

    Blomma, Alex Richards, and Plumber all impressed me very much, and after deliberations, I decided to go with Alex Richards simply because I thought his map was nicely detailed and that his backstory was really well fleshed out.
  12. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    Here is the infobox for the 2016 election in my timeline, A House Divided.
  13. Map Thread XI

    These two maps are just an idea that popped into my head the other day. The POD is that Alexander Hamilton never has an affair in his younger years, which leads him to being slightly more respected and eventually avoiding his duel with Burr. He ends up defeating Jefferson for the Presidency in...
  14. MSNBC/CNN Style Election Results Template

    One way that you can make some really nice graphics without having Photoshop is to download Inkscape. It is a pretty versatile tool and has a lot of the key things Illustrator has but has the benefit of being free. I have a tutorial on how to make graphics in Illustrator in the stickied...
  15. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    I knew that. I always manage to screw something up... :p
  16. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    A series of near future presidential elections for my new Changing the Guard TL.
  17. Fictional countries in political thrillers (TV and books)

    How about Krakoxia (no clue on spelling) from The Terminal?
  18. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    Oh wow. I was writing up midterm stuff for Radioactive so the 2021 Senate and governor's list is the one my mind is recalling right now. :p
  19. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    Isn't she Governor though? I am pretty sure Governors are not allowed to nominate themsevles to the Senate.
  20. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    Sort of surprised to see Reynolds on the list. What happened for her to get that seat?