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  1. does the Atlantic Wall stand a chance?

    Yeah I reckon this would probably be true. They'd have the majority of their army in and around France to respond to allied incursions and at least aerial parity. But yeah short of somehow defeating the USSR the Atlantic Wall was always going to crack
  2. does the Atlantic Wall stand a chance?

    I think in either scenario Germany is toast. Trying to pin the Allies on the beaches until supporting armor companies can join the fight to push the invaders back makes some sense, but it also relies on having proper air cover which was always doomed to be an issue. Allowing the WAllies to...
  3. Development of Vietnam in a world without the PRC?

    Depends where you wanna take your story. From your thread I'm unsure if Japan is still involved in the Pacific war but with the Japanese defeated but France in the Axis camp, maybe the US don't see communism as the main threat and maintain support for the Viet Minh. They were compelled I...
  4. Man in the High Castle-style US Invasion repelled. What happens next?

    Oh yeah do t get me wrong, I just like when something from our favorite genre gets a big budget, even if the premise is ridiculous. Still something very chilling about watching American Nazi youth burning books and beating people in the street for not showing the correct enthusiasm for the...
  5. Man in the High Castle-style US Invasion repelled. What happens next?

    That being said, we probably shouldn't take our history fan fics that seriously.
  6. Man in the High Castle-style US Invasion repelled. What happens next?

    I think in Man in the High Castle they do that, Washington gets nuked in '45 and the US is forced to capitulate. I think they are subsequently invaded despite surrendering(?). At this point if the Americans manage to drive Japan and the Reich's conventional forces away , the Reich has a...
  7. Man in the High Castle-style US Invasion repelled. What happens next?

    I feel like the USA are on borrowed time until the Nazis can carpet nuke the country. They were already planning to do so in the show to Japan I feel like they'd just start blasting cities until the US caves. The nazis in this universe are somehow even bigger assholes in this universe than otl.
  8. Chile-Argentina war... in 2003!

    Argentina isn't developing nukes in 2003 with funding from China, that discussion ignores all poltical realities. It's not happening. They're not developing nuclear bombs because a contractual dispute with their neighbor. This wouldnt be some war of conquest it would be a rather petulant thing...
  9. What if drive in movie theaters never died out

    It honestly sounds like they just fell out of vogue for a number of combined reasons, the aforementioned land availability, changes in technology etc. But I seriously think it could make a comeback for community movie nights, indie film experiences or simply a sort of luxury cinema experience. I...
  10. What if drive in movie theaters never died out

    I feel like they died before that right? Like sometime in the 70s or 80s? I feel like they weren't a thing in my lifetime? Granted I dont live in the USA where they seemed to be most popular, so maybe they persisted into the 90's?
  11. What if drive in movie theaters never died out

    This is really interesting discussion, it seems like technology and shifting times meant they were only going to be around for a short period. I could maybe see them getting a small scale revival on the basis of novelty/nostalgia perhaps. It honestly seems like something that could become a...
  12. What if drive in movie theaters never died out

    I can kind of imagine that coming back into popularity for like niche movie viewings and indie crowds. Hell its surely easier with apps and bluetooth these days too. They seemed like fun, why did they lose popularity?
  13. Looking for some good Alternate History games to play

    Hearts of Iron? No actually.... Dont play that game. It consumed my life. I have 4000 hours and I still dont know how the Navy works.
  14. How might the Soviet Union deal with global warming had it survived to the present and beyond?

    Yeah based on literally everybody, they'd ignore it...
  15. Map Thread XXII

    Just a quick question, are you colourblind? Not casting shade, genuinely interested because I am, and I quite like how easy this makes everything look.
  16. If the Central Powers win World War One, what did the Germans have in mind for France?

    As others have said, theyd take claimed border regions from them and colonial possessions if possible. Depends on the nature of their victory and when.
  17. The New Order: Legacy of the Weltkriegs

    Oh wow I've never seen them pull that, the Fat Man usually eats all their possessions. This is an interesting scenario, Europe must be a hellscape.
  18. The New Order: Legacy of the Weltkriegs

    Portugal having a good time tho!
  19. Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

    I play KR every few months. Love the pace of the updates
  20. Would a Central Powers Victory be Dystopian?

    Could be, depends on the writer ;)