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  1. ATL:Railroad across the Canadian Shield...

    Even just going along the southern shore of Lake Superior through Northern Michigan would have been easier. So as everyone else has said, if it hadn't been for nation building, there'd be no large scale railway. Just small ones to the nearest port.
  2. Most likely earlier Cradle of Civilization?

    Not really, they might be able to carry small packs, but they're basically more agreeable pigs.
  3. Most likely earlier Cradle of Civilization?

    This isn't the best source, but the only link I have to the older more detailed one is on my old broken computer. I may be able to find it in the next week or so. Here is a rewrite of the stuff I read several years ago. The original article said, a few hundred years before maize was introduced...
  4. Most likely earlier Cradle of Civilization?

    Sunflowers also came from the Mississippi. The main problem in the Mississippi seems to be the lack of meat. Shortly after agriculture was developed, the population expanded pretty quickly and then crashed hard after a few hundred years. Skeletal remains from the time period showed the people...
  5. Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of the Thule

    Thought about it at first, but decided to leave them out. I wanted the America's to be more advanced but still not equal to Europe. With more big domestics, that changes the dynamics too much. It's also a little late for adding in big ones without some large retcons.
  6. Most likely earlier Cradle of Civilization?

    Yep. But there were good fisheries in San Francisco Bay which would support a lot of people, if they had a reason to settle down and make better boats. Also there are a fair number of swamps and lakes in California, not enough for the current population, but for a small civilization with a crop...
  7. Most likely earlier Cradle of Civilization?

    If California had a single plant that could be cultivated easily, it could have been a cradle of civilization. It had lots of food, but none of it could be cultivated without a lot of work. So it had thousands of small bands migrating up and down the hills every year following the food. They...
  8. WI: Alexander the Great reaches China

    Alexander lives longer, he doesn't conquer India, but he solidifies his hold over what he has, and has a few campaigns to consolidate and pacify, but not conquer the neighbours As the ruler of pretty much all he can hold, he delegates things properly, and enjoys a life of ease. But he gets...
  9. Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of the Thule

    Thanks. The links you posted have been extremely useful for a number of idea's I've had. Many thanks.
  10. Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of the Thule

    Well there's OTL llama and Alpaca, limited for now in South America. The Australis (South America) horse, more like a pony or friendly mule. While its Northern cousin was wiped out, the fighting between humans and neanderthals in and around the Pampas kept them alive until they could be...
  11. Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of the Thule

    Thanks, but I just need the plants, and the ptarmigan. With 4 big domestics already, I'll leave the muskox as OTL, a potential domestic that never quite got there.
  12. Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of the Thule

    Do you mind if I steal some of the plants and the ptarmigan for my Neanderthal TL? I was going to use some of the same plants, but haven't gotten around to doing nearly as much research as you have.
  13. Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of the Thule

    Woot! Can't wait to see it.
  14. Lands of Ice and Mice: An Alternate History of the Thule

    Really like the Musk Ox. And it was just detailed enough.
  15. Neanderthals in the America's

    If the Neanderthals were taking human women to breed with against the womans and her tribes will, there would be fighting. Which would leave a lot of people on both sides with wooden spears and clubs in their bodies. Since there isn't much evidence of this, it's unlikely that rape was a large...
  16. Neanderthals in the America's

    That could be one reason, although Neanderthal women weren't nearly as strong as the men. But the thing is most of the remains found don't seem to show human on Neanderthal or vice versa damage. Most of the damage seems to be inflicted by strong hoofs, falls, teeth or claws. If there was...
  17. Irrelevant Britain

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. Which is why at the bottom of my last post I said this: After reading your post, I'm going to say it 'Definitely needs a POD in the early or mid 1500's. Barring invasion and conquest of course.
  18. Irrelevant Britain

    The POD would have to be something along the lines of extreme corruption in the navy that surpassed even OTL and saw domination, not colonization, but humiliating and disastrous defeat by a larger power, which continued to keep a large navy after the humiliation. Not easy. Before the late...
  19. Best time for U.S.-Canada Anschluss?

    Certainly, as soon as the Americans realize how much better Canada is, and accepts our friendly offer of a Canadian dictatorship.:D
  20. Irrelevant Britain

    At several points before the 18th century the British navy was allowed to fall into decay and rot. Just have one of these periods become the norm, and the British won't come to greatness. They'll be somewhat important, and once they industrialize the coal will be of great importance, but if...