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  1. Map Thread XIX

    From what I remember from the Fallout lore, those are the remnants of the Chinese invasion of Alaska. They suffered a counter-invasion for that and the red you see in Alaska should be the small groups left to mop up.
  2. A Map Shitpost Thread

    P O R T U W I D E
  3. The Colossus Of The New World - a worldbuilding project

    My first idea was to have each of the triangular quarters being a different colour to represent to Suyos, but the flag looked too crowded and disorderly. Maybe I could find a design that doesn't incorporate the white and the red, they are the less important part of the flag to be honest, but I...
  4. The Colossus Of The New World - a worldbuilding project

    Also, made a flag for (Greater) Perú. You were right, the St. Andrew's cross amde it look too busy, so I made this instead. This has to be the easiest flag to copy and make before modern times. You can even draw it on a notebook with a square pattern.
  5. The Colossus Of The New World - a worldbuilding project

    Thank you, I'm glad to be back! Eh, it's no problem. It was a far-fetched idea to begin with. Don't ever worry that, you have been nothing but accomodating, polite and considerate to us contributors. Why not make, in the far future considering the time were are talking about, of course, a...
  6. The Colossus Of The New World - a worldbuilding project

    Hello! I'm back into the project. I'm sorry for my lack of input lately, real life comes first after all. So, I was wondering several things, though more on the future side of the TL. We were talking about South American flags, which reminded me of several things. I don't recall which of these...
  7. Anatolikon Oecumenis- Dev Diaries of an EU4 Mod based on the Dunes of the Desert Timeline

    I'm definitively interested in this. If you need help with redacting stuff like events or ideas for focus trees and such, I would gladly help. The only problem is that I don't know how to code, but I can help with the non-coding parts.
  8. WIP Map Thread

    I would reccomend that you started on a map around the year of the PoD so you wouldn't find everything "gridelined" to be convergent and so you would make your own borders.
  9. Welcome to the world of Amnkh - A Tour of worlds and worldbuilding

    Part II: Of the Solar System: The Xeaniax subsystem will several planets orbiting around its star. But first, let’s calculate the habitable zone, since from there I’ll be determining the orbit of Amnkh. This will be the name of the planet that houses life in the Xeniax subsystem and because of...
  10. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    For anyone with the Firefox navigator: "Save Page As" Leads to the same road, you have to select, "Web Page, SVG only."
  11. Civilitatem Resurrectio ~ A Pangea Proxima Worldbuilding Project

    There's also this worldbuilding blog which is excellent: And the Artifexian Channel on YouTube.
  12. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    Please excuse my poor understanding of computers and/or bad luck, but I can't seem to be able to download a .svg image.
  13. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    I would like to ask how do you take the files from Wikipedia to work on them with a vector program.
  14. Short Translation Request Thread

    Hello everyone! The purpose of this Thread is to provide people with short translations for TLs and maps. What I mean with short translations? Well, in this case these are short texts, a few paragraphs at the longest but starting with words. For example, have you ever needed to translate the...
  15. Flag Thread IV

    Well, it's a great start I'd say. The only things that I would change would, beyond making it vectorial instead of raster (and thus being able to easily centre the gear) would be to modify the colour red to make it more visible in the blue background and/or give it a white rim.
  16. Welcome to the world of Amnkh - A Tour of worlds and worldbuilding

    Yep, it seems so. A dot separates three digits before the change to decimals. Example, a thousand is "1.000", a million, "1.000.000", a thousand millions, "" and so on. A coma would only be used to separate between normal digits and decimal digits. A half, for example, would be...
  17. Welcome to the world of Amnkh - A Tour of worlds and worldbuilding

    I apologize for the delays, but know that I'm still interested and working on this.
  18. Map Thread XIX

    Oh, this is great. Absolutely wonderful. I deeply love both concept and execution. It's a shame I have but only one like to give.
  19. WIP Map Thread

    I might be too large for the forum since it can't ne seen.
  20. Map Thread XIX

    I would support such an andeavour, the idea has always attracted me deeply so I might even help you with maps if the opportunity presents itself, and you agree with it, of course. Also, to be frank, Scotland surviving in the flank of this new empire might be somewhat of a cliché in these TLs.