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  1. Discussion: How to make a new nation into a great power in a century or less.

    Ask the Dutch. You basically need to form the nation out of rich areas.
  2. England retain Calais

    It is going to be lost at some point. The interesting part comes if it is lost to Spain or the Netherlands rather than France. It is afterall a naturally Dutch place.
  3. Feudal Japan Ideas

    Someday I'll finish my Takeda victory tl.
  4. The Dragon of Greece

    Josquius I Josquius 1081. Constantinople was burning. Two days earlier the emperor had fled the city leading to the collapse of all authority. The nobility were at each other's throats, private armies clashing in the streets. All decent folk remained barricaded indoors. A crazed priest...
  5. The Dragon of Greece

    Upon my recent trip to Istanbul I was inspired to revisit a scenario that is a favourite of myself and many others; saving the Byzantine Empire. Already not too long ago I have played such a game in Europa Universalis 4, so, despite it seeming like too easy a challenge, I decided this time to...
  6. WI another St Pats

    The parade thing is a nonsensical Americanisation that I saw for the first and only time in Tokyo. Generally though no. St Pats in the uk and Ireland has been a day to have a few drinks for a long while and this is the version most common seen abroad. St pats spread is more down to the...
  7. Smaller America, what's next?

    I doubt every settler was a committed American nationalist. If britain allows them to be there (perhaps after the fact) and treats them well then most frontier settlers wouldn't be too bothered which nation technically has jurisdiction
  8. WI another St Pats

    A friend of mine once made an interesting observation. There are only two days of the year the whole world gets drunk; new year, and paddies day. An exaggeration of course. But still, it is curious how widespread st pats is, even beyond the domain of areas of Irish settlement. How could we...
  9. Most influential 20th Century German leader

    Considering Hitler is still a byword for evil.....
  10. PC. New Zealand with a population of 60 million

    What do you mean like Japan agriculture wise? Japan isn't exactly a model of agricultural efficiency.
  11. Experiment: which European country do you consider the most wanked in OTL?

    England. Or more specifically the English. A bunch of people from the soggiest corner of Germany (and the Netherlands and Denmark) somehow rise to ruling 2 of the world's major nations, with their language being the international lingua-franca and their culture the source of many of the...
  12. DBWI: Armenia Shrinks

    I guess you could make Armenia the country smaller but....what about all those Armenians? Hard to imagine that they'd accept being ruled by the Turks or whoever.
  13. WI: America Declares War on the British in 1804

    It all depends how long America wants to keep the war going really. They're willing to offer peace right away, Britain will say ok. If they let it drag on though....Britain can wait longer than they can. But is more likely to want something for its efforts
  14. WI: Korea Achieves Mass Literacy Earlier?

    Yes, I don't see how it being relatively simple would help literacy too much. Look to Europe and the latin alphabet for instance. Also pretty simple, particularly in the days where spelling was something you made up as you went along, yet literacy tended not to be too high. Agreed the...
  15. WI: The Bible is Translated into Scots

    Fair enough. My analogy was wrong then. I find Scots much much easier than I do some English dialects. I challenge everyone to comprehend what old school west country is going on about.
  16. WI: The Bible is Translated into Scots

    Only if some Dutch people find Afrikaans easier than they do someone from elsewhere in the Netherlands.
  17. WI: The Bible is Translated into Scots

    Scots as a language in the modern day is of course bollocks. But a bible translation in the 16th century could well contribute towards it developing as a true second standard. You'd have to get rid of the union of the crowns as well and keep the two seperate though. Which will be tough.
  18. Victorious Denmark becomes a colonial power

    Anyone could have taken part in the scramble for Africa really. Most countries had more sense though.
  19. Västergötland develops as an independent kingdom

    Here's an idea- how about the geats are the ones to take Sweden, not the svea. ... however the svea set up a kingdom for themselves in finland?