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  1. AeroTheZealousOne

    Two Suns Shall Set: A 20th-Century TL Without Nazis
    Threadmarks: Introduction & FAQ

    With limited inspiration and motivation for working on my original timeline, I've decided to work on a side-project that will cover a similar scope of time, but will be less in-depth and less detailed. Watch me screw up somewhere. Something I've had floating in my head awhile is the premise of...
  2. AeroTheZealousOne

    A Different Sound of Silence: An Alternate 20th Century And Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction & Cover

    Hello all. I've decided to finally begin work on my own timeline, having been inspired by the many great authors and timelines on this site to finally attempt to write one. Q: What's this timeline about? A: Arthur Zimmerman, at the last minute, decides not to send the infamous Zimmerman...
  3. AeroTheZealousOne

    How would music develop in a world without rock and roll?

    Whether it be the death of one or more figures such as Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley, or Chuck Berry before they ever write or record their music; or an ASB preventing the fusion of blues, country, and/or R&B into a coherent genre we would recognize today as early rock music; say that somehow...
  4. AeroTheZealousOne

    WI: The Soviets don't boycott the UN in 1950?

    Recently, I've been working on a draft for my first alternate history timeline here on this site, yet I wanted to see if my ideas were, at all, plausible. Additionally, I thought I'd also put this here just in case there was something I missed in my writing. In 1950, The Soviet delegation...
  5. AeroTheZealousOne

    WI: Danjong never becomes king of Korea

    In OTL A.D. 1452, King Munjong of Korea dies due to a period of illness, and his sun, Danjong, takes the throne. King Danjong rules (with the help of a regent, he's young) until 1455, when a coup forces him to abdicate and have his uncle, Sejo, crowned King. Ministers and scholars who served...