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    WI: Intermarriage as British/Anglo North American colonial policy

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I've read that Spanish colonial policy was to encourage intermarriage between poor whites and natives/blacks. What if the same policy was implemented in British North America, forming an Anglo criollo class? Sorry if this is a stupid question--this is coming...
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    WI: No Central Plains War?

    In 1930, a group of Northwest-based warlords under Yan Xishan and Feng Yuxiang fought one of China's most destructive civil wars in the Republican Era against Chiang Kaishek. Despite early successes, Northwestern forces quickly disintegrated when Zhang Xueliang's Fengtian Clique intervened on...
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    What was the last point the Southern Dynasties could reliably defeat the North?

    Very few Chinese dynasties have managed to unify China from the South, with the Ming and the ROC being the only examples. However, as I understand, at the start of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Southern regimes like Liu Yu's Song Dynasty were regularly able to defeat the North; with the...
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    Xianfeng's Map Thread

    Just a place for me to dump my maps so I can catalogue them better--a forum doesn't really have the most intuitive interfaces for looking back on previous posts. Feel free to comment on the thread, though I'll likely reply more in depth to questions in the Map Thread proper. My maps aren't the...
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    DBWI: Patria Grande and the former USA switch fates

    So I found a map the other day where Gran Colombia and the former USA switched fates, in which the USA, instead of dissolving into her constituent states like OTL remained united; while Gran Colombia--or Patria Grande if you will dissolves into several Republics. How realistic is this scenario...
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    WI: Republic of China with a twist

    In the Boxer Rebellion, the Southeastern provinces under various governors had an agreement named the Mutual Protection of Southeast China, in which the various governors were not involved in the War and had almost established a Republic under Li Hongzhang. But what if Li Hongzhang actually...
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    Successful Sepoy Rebellion?

    What would happen in a world where the Sepoy Rebellion was more organized and supported? WWould the British be pushed off India? If so, what next? My knowledge of Indian history is next to zero, so any awnsers would be very much appreciated.
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    WI: Qianlong dies/abdicates early

    IOTL, Qianlong, despite an accomplished man in the first 30 or so years of his reign would grow old and weary, placing his trust in corrupt official Heshen and generally dicking around and squandering everything Yongzheng--Qianlong's father had worked towards. But what if Qianlong had died...
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    A more Southern-oriented China

    IOTL, China's capitals would mainly be in the West (Chang'an, Luoyang...), the South (Nanjing) or the north (Beijing). What if China had a capital further South, say Canton? How much harder would it be to rule the north from Canton than ruling the South from Beijing? Would this result in...
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    Maximum Size of A Chinese Empire before 400 AD?

    How big could a Chinese Empire realistically get before 400 AD? I was thinking maybe the Han dynasty+All of Korea+Manchuria+Maybe bits of Japan. Thoughts? How sustainable would such an Empire be?
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    Qing Cultural Policies

    In OTL, the Qing Dynasty imposed racial segregation between Hans and other peoples like the Huis, Mongols, Manchus, Turks and Tibetans so as to limit Han power. What if they had not done so and allowed intermarrying and cultural exchange with the Han? How would this alternate, more Han Qing fair?
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    Warfare during the Warring States?

    Hi, I'm preparing for a Warring States TL, and I'd like to ask those more well versed in warring states history on the way that warfare was conducted at the time. I do know that warfare involved a long period of planning and facing off each other that could last years, but does anyone know of...
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    Any ancient-medieval Chinese TLs?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Has anyone made TLs on the subject?
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    Can China survive alone?

    Can China survive alone against Japan in the Second Sino-Japanese War, without foreign military help? How long would said war be? If China does win, what would the post-war situation be? Edit: foreign help meaning military intervention. Foreign aid, yes.
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    Saving the Qing Dynasty

    Is the Qing Dynasty saveable with a POD of after 1900? If yes, then how? What would most likely be the present situation of a modern Qing Dynasty?
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    Cartography and Occupied Territory

    How does one denote Occupied Territory on a map? Are there rules I have to follow when making maps? Is this the right place to post threads like these?
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    AHC:China in Exile in...Japan

    Exactly what it says on the tin, probably borderline ASB. Maybe a Japanese Dynasty on the Chinese throne?
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    Who Would Have Been Worse:Mao or Chiang?

    Just what it says on the thread title. I think we can all accept Mao and Chiang are both horrible people, but would Mao's blunders or a alternate victorious Chiang's White Terror be worse? I feel like Mao would be worse since he was more inexperienced and power hungry. Extra question: How...
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    AHC: Warrior Class in China?

    Reading through Chinese history reveals that even in the most turbulent periods, there was never a "warrior class". Instead, quantity was placed to be more important than anything. Is it possible to create a warrior class in the style of knights and samurai in mediaeval China?
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    AH Question: Who was the best succesor to Mao?

    We all agree that Mao was the most unable leader in mid 20th century China, but if Mao dies in 1955, who would best be able to reverse Mao's blunders? Zhou Enlai pops immediately to mind as his strongest succesor, but what does think?