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  1. Sunny

    WI: Michael Jackson dies in 1984?

    I agree. I can't see Prince easily stepping into Jackson's shoes. Prince was a different sort of musician, far more explicitly sexual for starters (listen to "Darling Nikki" versus any of MJ's lyrics). It sounds weird now, given everything we now know about Jackson, but back in the mid 80s, he...
  2. Sunny

    Happy Easter everyone! 🐣 🐰

    Happy Easter everyone! 🐣 🐰
  3. Sunny

    Hmm...they are expecting a snowstorm in Toronto today, with blowing winds and up to 15 cm of...

    Hmm...they are expecting a snowstorm in Toronto today, with blowing winds and up to 15 cm of snow. *cough cough* Why do I suddenly feel sick, with a sore throat, runny nose and a cough? I might have to stay in bed all day and call in sick for work. Hate when that happens! *cough cough* 😫 🤒 😷
  4. Sunny

    AHQ: "Science" outside Europe

    Of course, that is the reason both India and Brazil are stuck in the dreaded "Middle Income Trap". People joke about the two countries the same way, that is, that "they are the Superpowers of the future.....forever". Now we know the real reason. It's the bloody tropical breeze, and warm ocean...
  5. Sunny

    So I'm at the Toronto Public Library at Spadina and College. I set up my laptop in one of the...

    So I'm at the Toronto Public Library at Spadina and College. I set up my laptop in one of the booths, sign into the web. So far, so good. Then I hear this weird "crackling" noise a few booths down from me. So I look, and this guy is exhaling a thick cloud of smoke and in his hand is a glass...
  6. Sunny

    AHQ: "Science" outside Europe

    That's what I've read as well. Hunter gatherer groups which retain dark skin in cold, low sunlight climates is due to getting their vitamin D from a diet rich in sea food.
  7. Sunny

    AHQ: "Science" outside Europe

    Of all the stuff in this thread, the cave painting stuff is the one that shocked me the most. Not the Eurocentricism, which is sadly all too common (especially on the net). But the cave painting one was surprising. Why? Because, everything that has come to light recently in anthropology and...
  8. Sunny

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Sunny

    Geronimo : What if Osama Bin Laden was killed prior to 9/11?

    No. Note that Rajiv himself was born to a Hindu mother and a Parsi (Zoroastrian) father, and neither parent was particularly religious. First, there is no record of Sonia converting anywhere. Second, while there are Hindu groups that convert people (Hare Krishnas, various other "neo-Hindu"...
  10. Sunny

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans here!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans here!
  11. Sunny

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day!
  12. Sunny

    Muslim Majority Indo-Gangetic Plain

    Quite interesting synopsis. Like you, not sure how effective any changes would be. They might end up destabilizing the society, so that rather than leading to an Islamic North India, it ends up leading to constant civil and religious wars. For the half millennium of Islamic rule in the...
  13. Sunny

    WI: the UK government impliment the proposal by Francis Galton to replace Black Africans in Africa with Chinese people.

    There was a series of 8 novels called the "Chung Kuo" series by David Wingrove. The Chinese and whites do indeed not only genocide Africans and brown people (such as Indians, Indonesians, and other South East Asians) but also the Japanese (because they are their main rivals in Asia). The Chinese...
  14. Sunny

    Happy Father's Day to all Dads here! 😎

    Happy Father's Day to all Dads here! 😎
  15. Sunny

    Was it inevitable China would surpass India in development and economy?

    As other posters have noted, China's biggest advantage was concentrating on universal literacy, primary education, infrastructure (everything from transportation networks to amenities like sewage and indoor plumbing). Interestingly, much of the groundwork for this was laid down in the Maoist...
  16. Sunny

    Happy Easter Weekend!

    Happy Easter Weekend!
  17. Sunny

    LGBT rights in a surviving USSR

    It actually has been used in quite a few memes over the years, even though it's not as popular as one would expect.
  18. Sunny

    Happy New Year everyone! 😁

    Happy New Year everyone! 😁
  19. Sunny

    How would Desert Shield/Storm proceed without Egypt & Syria?

    Yeah, Syria was an ally of Iran during that war. Even though Assad Sr. and Saddam were both Baathists, they hated each other. In fact during the 1970s, they tried to assassinate each other a few times. Saddam was technically Vice President at the time, but he was the de facto leader. So when the...
  20. Sunny

    WI: Joseph Stalin commits suicide in 1941

    That's what whill probably be widely assumed everywhere (both in the Axis and among the Allies, and probably a lot of Soviet people as well). Whatever the official story, everybody will assume that Stalin was couped.