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  1. Jimmy Two: America in Carter's Second Term

    That rare combo of beautiful writing describing something too good to be true. A world without President Reagan... Can't wait to read more down the road, and whatever else you choose to publish here.
  2. The Sunne in Splendour: A War of the Roses Timeline

    Giving birth a month after her fourteenth birthday... It's a wonder that poor, poor girl was able to have more children. That was it for Margaret Beaufort.
  3. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Watt an asshole.
  4. An Imperial Match: Anne Boleyn marries Charles V

    Katheryn being the late Empress' cousin is going to interestingly shape modern portrayals of the Howard bloodline, continuously marrying above their station. There'll probably be some assumptions by historians and casting departments that the family is unusually attractive and charming...
  5. The Visconti Victorious 2.0

    Very much enjoy how the family's story has culminated. Hate to request a family tree when it's obviously gotten a bit complicated, but it would be helpful to keep everyone's place in my head. Carlotta's Ivrean children are Carlo Amadeo and then the twins? I only saw one mention of the elder and...
  6. Mary, the Black Widow

    Six matches for Mary Stuart? Just some thoughts and ideas: Francois II of France until 1560 seems easy enough as a start, but you could cheat a little and call him a second husband by throwing in a proxy for Edward VI of England after a slightly more successful rough wooing, only for it to end...
  7. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    The OP notes there's no particular goal for the TL except to tell a great story with the POD, and it's certainly delivering there. I do think I would prefer to live here in certain respects, but we don't know where it's going to end up so that might turn out to be a real mistake to say. I think...
  8. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Maryland eating well in this timeline. It feels like there's still a chance of another Democratic victory, with Stein having broken the Conservative coalition, but it also feels like there's room for an uglier, messier election as a result. We'll see who everyone nominates and if the Patriots...
  9. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    "We'd have only gotten 49.5% of the vote against an incumbent fresh off military victory" is a pretty braindead reason for changing course, but I guess that shows how weak the "Centrist" Dems are at this point. Not a convincing argument when there aren't enough Liddy Dems to hit 55% or 60%...
  10. The New Years Prince - A Collaborative Timeline

    I mean, I figured it was the point from a meta perspective, but in universe it's a pretty amateurish political misstep by the Vatican.
  11. The New Years Prince - A Collaborative Timeline

    Targeting not just the queen consort but the king's innocent one year old daughter is certanly one way for a Pope to shatter relations with Catholic England.
  12. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Big Tommy! Hard not to approve of the selection as a Jewish Marylander. He makes for an interesting president, and his housing fight obviously feels far-sighted. Given that so many elements of his terms were by necessity reacting to events around him, I imagine TTL's people would wonder about...
  13. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Gonna be a banger, guaranteed
  14. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Definitely an obscure figure to me, but a very interesting one. And what a neat First Lady Mary would have been. The Republican comeback here is a far more precarious thing, with the 1964 landslide being so fueled by a sympathy vote, the abuse of power, setbacks overseas... it'll take some...
  15. An Imperial Match: Anne Boleyn marries Charles V

    It's obviously a different, shorter-term sort of alliance, but Enrico Dandolo's granddaughter did become Queen of Serbia. Brought a lot of Venetian artisans to Serbia and all the patrician families attended, so it can't have been too outrageous for them.
  16. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Iconic, in more ways than one. I might have to eat these words later, but I'm envious of this America so far.
  17. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Gil Winant! An excellent choice who I've never seen utilized, and probably one of the best Republicans possible to secure Roosevelt and Wallace's legacies for the short-term. I wonder how long after his presidency or death the affair with Sarah Churchill will become public knowledge. That...
  18. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    My read is that this isn't a utopia, the OP implied it would have no set goal, just be following AATWT in the collaborative worldbuilding and alternating writers for the terms. Could certainly end up a utopia relative to our world, but that'll depend on where our authors take us! After that...
  19. TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Very much looking forward to this. A great depiction of Wallace as someone with good intentions yet with reasonable criticism (some from unreasonable people). And so many options for the Republicans. Vandenberg, Taft, Dewey, MacArthur, Stassen, and Warren are the obvious ones, but we've also...
  20. An Imperial Match: Anne Boleyn marries Charles V

    John's a good kid and Isabella's a good mom. I hope something of that survives the coming years. Pierre is the Earl of Gloucester, so he'll be well provided for barring the adults in his life skimming, which Isabella certainly isn't the type to do. She'll do her best to raise him as a loyal...