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  1. Map Thread X

    @Doctor Imperialism, CandyDragon, Emperor-of-New-Zealand, Big Schwartz and everyone else being a complete dick: You guys need to stop. If you don't like someone's maps, just skip over them or, better yet, offer some real constructive criticism rather than personally attacking them or telling...
  2. The Ultimate BAM

    Wow!!! That is really cool. You deserve an award! :)
  3. A Happy Israel?

    The main problem with that idea is that the British were reluctant to get involved because I think they foresaw the conflict as a future problem (though the probably underestimated just how bad it would eventually get). As such, I do not see them slaughtering tens of thousands of people...
  4. The Vinland Pandemic...why not?

    It really does depend on how big the settlements are, however, I personally think that if they are of any significant size, disease will be the result, especially if escaped livestock is involved. The Nordic lands were suffering from overpopulation in this era; however, they did not have the...
  5. Rough Sketch for Byz. Timeline

    Yeah, no problem. It’s definitely a good start and I look forward to reading the rest of it. Keep in mind, however, that a stronger Roman Empire and a stronger Sassanid Persia (which it looks like you have in this timeline so far) will likely mean a weaker Arab explosion (though of course as...
  6. The Vinland Pandemic...why not?

    Have the Norse settlers bring over a lot of pigs, who eventually escape and become feral (enough are needed so that they can survive and form new populations in the New World). I have heard estimates that it was the escaped Spanish pigs, which did the most damage in the Mississippi Region...
  7. Dark Age Europe split between Arianism and Catholicism

    As Nikephoros pointed out, the main problem with this is that while various Germanic tribes such as the Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals and a few others were in fact Arian, their subject populations, the "Romans," were not, and it is they who made up the majority of the population. It is...
  8. Rough Sketch for Byz. Timeline

    Some Brief Comments I can certainly see Khosrau II invading the Roman Empire in this timeline as he did in ours, but I think he would still attempt to use and find a good casus belli first (in our timeline he used the murder of Maurice and his sons to justify his invasion). Otherwise, I like...
  9. Mesopotamian printing press?

    If the new press catches on, perhaps over time the cuneiform would become more simplified, just as some cultures today with non-Latin based alphabets have been forced to adapt the way in which they write/input their scripts for the Digital Age. In any case, this would allow a vastly greater...
  10. Most morbid AH

    Though not alternate history at the time that it was written, I would say that 1984 is pretty morbid (it is alternate history now).
  11. Question: How early can a united Italy exist?

    600 A.D. Possible Scenarios Personally, I see a stronger Lombard Kingdom as the most likely contender for the emergence of a united Italian Peninsula. The Eastern Roman Empire was rather weak in this period (600 A.D.), and its presence in Italy was largely limited to the easily resupplied...
  12. Early Middle Ages: Back when a lot o' sh*t went on

    Some Thoughts and Ideas I think that both of the topics that you mentioned above are interesting, and as I have thought about both of them in depth (I began a timeline for the latter, but stopped due mainly to time related issues), I can offer some advice. Firstly, to achieve a more lasting...
  13. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    No, it is important that the map is as accurate as possible. Many people may enjoy playing as a nation in North America or Southeast Asia or some other region and may not agree with your assessment of its lack of interest. Europe, is, as always, a patchwork of feuding nations.
  14. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    Here's the updated map with several additional Indian Confederations (Huron, Creek, Shawnee etc). Please note that Asia and Africa are still plagued by inaccuracies.
  15. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    We're still working on the map, so all suggestions are greatly appreciated. If anyone can find some good historical maps of the period, please post them here. We've found maps of some of Africa too, so the Ottoman Empire is being weakened territorially.
  16. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    Well, I'm not sure when they lost their other African territories, but here's a map of the Portuguese Empire in the sixteenth century.
  17. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    Most of the maps I've looked at featured Portugal with substantial colonies along the Eastern African coast... Perhaps someone who is well acquainted with Portuguese history could rectify this though (I'd look it up, but I'm currently writing a history essay).
  18. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    Get rid of that one, I'm not sure how it got on there (probably my own carelessness), but it doesn't belong. The others though, perhaps should be although without a good reputable map, it’s difficult to say. Some may have been autonomous regions, which may be where the discrepancy lies.
  19. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    There are so many nations now, that I used duplicate colors. There are only a few nations that are non-continuous, so if the two colors are far apart, they're likely two different nations. Additionally, Europa Universalis III may have some errors, but these can be remedied later if that's what...
  20. Victoria: 1700 Mod

    Ugh! I accidently saved as a .jpeg (which irreversibly messed it up)! Well, I added a bunch of new regions though and while they're still quite rough (errors likely abound), at least they're there. Chingo shall be correcting this and putting the additions on an editable .png. Also, we're...