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  1. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    It's unconstitutional iOTL because of the Fourteenth Amendment. Depending on how the equivalent provisions are written ITTL, that could be different.
  2. Federalist Epoch: A Clintonian Timeline

    Very interesting idea; I'll be watching this TL! I don't think this would have been considered Machiavellian at the time, though. The Vice-President didn't have any duties other than being available, as Vice-President Adams complained during President Washington's term. Adams did succeed...
  3. WI: Robert E. Lee Accepts Command of the Union Army in April 1861

    Without Lee commanding the Confederate defenses, Richmond might have fallen to McClellan in the Peninsular Campaign. Or if not, the Union army probably would have stayed near Richmond instead of completely evacuating. If Lee is commanding the Union army, I'm not sure if he would have done the...
  4. I just finished Parable of the Grasshopper, and I'm hoping to maybe see more someday? It's a...

    I just finished Parable of the Grasshopper, and I'm hoping to maybe see more someday? It's a wonderful story that lands us in the middle of the alternate history!
  5. A Brave New World: An Anglo/American – Nazi War Aftermath

    Thank you very much for pointing out Britain's financial exhaustion, which has to be much worse than iOTL given the much longer wra. I wish Calbear had gone into it, and I'm glad you're going to. Also, I totally agree that Britain would've had to pull on Commonwealth forces - even IOTL...
  6. WI: George Washington killed in the Whiskey Rebellion

    Washington didn't actually go into rebel territory; he turned back at Bedford while Hamilton and Harry "Lighthorse" Lee led the militia the rest of the way. I think it's unlikely he'd change that decision, given his age. So, for him to be killed, either the rebels would actually have to send...
  7. what if Andrew Jackson became monarch of America

    Quite intentionally so. That was, literally, one of the major arguments against having a standing army at all. I pretty much agree on this, assuming an ATL Jackson who wanted to. It would be a tough road even so, but I could believe its happening, and it would be much more likely than his...
  8. what if Andrew Jackson became monarch of America

    In 1828, Jackson wasn't even President; he was a private citizen in Tennessee without any political office. He had run for President unsuccessfully in 1824, and was currently running again successfully. But at the moment in 1828, he doesn't have any political authority or power. He does have...
  9. The Anglo/American - Nazi War - The on-going mystery

    If COVID jumps to humans in TTL China, it would most likely never get to the rest of the world. (But yeah, that jump would be butterflied in the first place.)
  10. To the Victor, Go the Spoils (Redux): A Plausible Central Powers Victory

    My favorite theory is that the stroke was from post-viral syndrome after the flu ("Long Flu"), coupled with the stress from Versailles and trying to argue the US into the League of Nations. But the post-viral link can't be proven, and he's definitely under a lot of stress ITTL too.
  11. WI:Hirohito refuses to renounce his divinity?

    I think it's more likely he formally abdicates and retires to a simple monastic life on an small outlying Japanese island... specifically, perhaps, to Okinawa (please ignore the American military base around him).
  12. WI:Hirohito refuses to renounce his divinity?

    If his successor was another member of the royal family, I don't see revolts happening. Abdications had ancient precedent.
  13. WI:Hirohito refuses to renounce his divinity?

    I agree, Hirohito would probably be pushed to abdicate. A lot of Japanese politicians were already planning for that, and most Americans were assuming he'd abdicate if not be executed.
  14. To the Victor, Go the Spoils (Redux): A Plausible Central Powers Victory

    There'll be something, because the civil war and the Allied intervention had already started before the PoD. I'm very interested to see what it'll develop into.
  15. King Theodore's Corsica

    He needs a proper navy worse.
  16. King Theodore's Corsica

    I don't suppose there's any chance Napoleone the Elder might distinguish himself enough for King Theodore to name his son after him :D ?
  17. AH Challenge: Make Man in the High Castle Reality by 1962

    ruth's The Sun Also Rises tries to make this scenario plausible, along the same lines @Rufus suggests: Follow FDR's assassination and a longer Depression with an American civil war. But, she goes even further and has the legitimist American government actively helping the Nazis. It still...
  18. AH Title and Description Game

    The former Romanian royal family enthusiastically joined the mid-twenty-first-century Mars colony, and also joined the early-twenty-second-century movement for greater Martian autonomy and self-government. That movement fortunately played out in the press and public opinion almost exclusively...
  19. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    Because he's a continental liar from the State of Maine. :P
  20. Restoration of the Roman Republic by the Senate

    It's been years since I've seen that film, but I expect what that'd actually lead to is Emperor Maximus Decimus Meridius Augustus, either immediately or a little while later after the Senate isn't able to stably hold power and someone else (like Commodus) tries to take the throne.