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  1. Was Spiro Agnew Presidential Material?

    Agnew won 70% of the black vote because he was running from an outright segregationist - I don't think that support was anything more than a fluke
  2. Was Spiro Agnew Presidential Material?

    Historian Peter B. Levy viewed Agnew as a precursor to Reagan - 'It is not a far stretch to imagine that if Agnew had contested corruption charges half as hard as Nixon denied culpability for Watergate – as Goldwater and several other stalwart conservatives wanted him to – today we might be...
  3. A More Successful Reign for Eric of Pomerania?

    If Erik had won his conflict in Schleswig I think alot of his later issues would disappear or he would be in a much stronger position to deal with them
  4. A More Successful Reign for Eric of Pomerania?

    Having Erik's wife Philippa not dying in 1430 would help as she was incredibly popular in Sweden and Denmark
  5. King Arthur the Posthumous

    Wasn't Henry destined for the Church or does the concerns about the health of the infant Arthur put those on ice as well?
  6. To be a Fox and a Lion - A Different Nordic Renaissance

    I am curious who Crown Prince Hans will be engaged too - I feel like the leading options are Mary Tudor, Madeleine Valois, or even Maria Hapsburg for a continuation of the familial ties. It's a shame that Vasilii doesn't have a daughter. Who Christian II decides to align with will have a...
  7. Was Napoleon’s marriage with Marie Louise a mistake?

    The benefit for the Bonaparte Dynasty from a marriage alliance with the Romanovs comes after Napoleon's fall. Tsar Alexander is in a far greater position to allow his nephew to reign than Franz Joseph was for his grandson in OTL
  8. Save one extinct Royal House/Imperial Dynasty

    I am going to go with The House of Knýtlinga or Jelling which for a brief time ruled England, Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden. The North Sea Empire was a fascinating period and this dynasty even married into the Salian Dynasty briefly
  9. To be a Fox and a Lion - A Different Nordic Renaissance

    I remain blown away by the quality of each update & I found the Via Media an interesting and fascinating divergence from OTL that feels completely in character for Christian II. I wonder what Christian II's historical legacy will be in this ATL - In Scandinavia, he will for sure be among the...
  10. Successful Eric of Pomerania? Planning thread (maybe)

    Phillipa also apparently had a pretty severe miscarriage that may or may not have contributed to the lack of children
  11. Can the Christianisation of the Anglo-Saxons be Delayed?

    Penda of Mercia, who died in 655 was the last Pagan King of the Heptarchy and all of his children ended up devout Christians and Southern England was already fairly Christianized by that point so I really don't see Christianity being delayed much past OTL
  12. WI: Richard II is never usurped by Bolingbroke

    Depending on what bride provides the heir - Any hypothetical Edward IV/Richard III will be marrying a French or Spanish Princess
  13. Q: How would and Anglo-Norse Union (North sea empire) look like?

    During Canute's reign you were seeing a mixture of land grants in Denmark to English Nobles and Danish Nobles being granted large holdings in England but it's important to remember Danelaw and Anglo-Danes were already a major influence on England so long term I think Danish/Nordic would dominate...
  14. WI: Richard II is never usurped by Bolingbroke

    I'm curious about the careers of Holland Brother's in a longer surviving Richard II TL - always helps to be half brothers of the King
  15. WI: Richard II is never usurped by Bolingbroke

    It's reported by contemporary sources that Richard was fond of his young Ward and personally knighted him Additionally Henry V reburied Richard II upon taking the throne, which seems to indicate the feelings were reciprocated in my eyes Plus he's not a very useful hostage once Henry IV made...
  16. WI: Richard II is never usurped by Bolingbroke

    Also Richard II does seem to have favored OTL Henry V as he was taken along with the King to Ireland before he was deposed and didn't execute him despite his father seeking to overthrow him I genuinely believe that Mortimer was favored as heir because Richard was prideful and spiteful and never...
  17. WI: Richard II is never usurped by Bolingbroke

    @Archduke She doesn't have much preserved letters and honestly the interpretation that she was pregnant isn't super solid but the word choice she used does imply miscarriage -- I remember researching it for a potential surviving Richard II TL I...
  18. WI: Richard II is never usurped by Bolingbroke

    Anne of Bohemia seems to have indicated in a letter to her brother King Wenceslas that she was pregnant or believed she was pregnant in the late 1380's - so who knows if Richard II was sterile or if she had a miscarriage that made her barren but Richard's regime will always be slightly chaotic...
  19. In Life and Death a Kingmaker - A Lancaster Survival TL
    Threadmarks: The Brothers York

    The failure to completely defeat the Lancastrian Army at the Battle of Barnet placed the Yorkist forces in a precarious position. Although London had been secured, Warwick remained at large near St. Albans with a sizeable Lancastrian force and persistent rumors existed of a planned Kentish...
  20. In Life and Death a Kingmaker - A Lancaster Survival TL

    I apologize for the delay but I do intend to continue this timeline -- I got hit with some writing block and decided to focus on planning and plotting out the story more so I am not building and flying the airplane at the same time.