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  1. AHC: United States with 500 million population

    Don't know what that is so probably not.
  2. AHC: United States with 500 million population

    The US went from having essentially open borders (except for Asians) to very limited immigration around 1920. So if that just didn't happen it would take you much of the way there between the additional immigrants and their descendants.
  3. Post-Peloponnesian Draka

    "Athens lost the Peloponnesian War, but remained an important place for centuries, while Sparta – which won – sank into irrelevance. It is hard not to conclude that Athens lost the war but decisively won the peace and that it was the latter victory that actually mattered." -...
  4. Challenge: World Parliament

    What sort of creation could lead to the creation of an elected world parliament? It doesn't need to have any more power than the UN has IOTL, just has to be a legislative body that's elected by the whole world population. Seems like the biggest obstacle is the existence of authoritarian...
  5. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    Good stuff! Seems like this line may have been a mistake though - they're divided between neutrals, neutrals, and reds?
  6. WI: First World Mexico?

    Really I think you can do it with a better development strategy during the Porfiriato (pre-1910 Revolution). Diaz basically just allowed American businesses unfettered access to Mexico. This produced a lot of development, but left them in the classic "third world" situation exporting raw...
  7. McGoverning

    I loved this last update. The only problem for me is that I'm not familiar with enough detail about the real events to see exactly how the divergence worked. The Tanquetazo was a real coup attempt that was really foiled by Prats right? But obviously Pinochet didn't get arrested IOTL. Do you have...
  8. Ethnic Cleansing of Germany Post-WWII

    I've been playing with an idea: Britain makes peace with Hitler early in WWII, Germany goes to war with the Soviet Union but still ultimately loses to them after an even more brutal war than OTL. So the war ends with Soviet troops marching to the Rhine or farther, and in a particularly vengeful...
  9. Hey I'm blogging:

    Hey I'm blogging:
  10. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    I love the trope of OTL anti-communist hawks being TTL anti-capitalist hawks.
  11. The Old World Order: blurbs from a surviving Soviet Union tl

    Fascinating stuff. Really comes off looking pretty great compared to OTL: avoiding the economic collapse brought on by the end of the Soviet system is a big deal, and given that they ended up in roughly the same place in terms political rights as IOTL the change here is really all gain.
  12. Mexican Hugo Chavez

    The thing to remember with Chavez is that he was a relatively moderate social democratic figure when first elected - similar to Lula, AMLO, Correa, or any other pink tide leader. He was radicalized by the coup attempt early in his presidency when the opposition parties, military, and...
  13. Neocons in a longer Cold War

    What is this guarantee of protection you find so important? Besides Cuba there weren't really any third world regimes kept in power by some guarantee of Soviet military support, and very clearly it's nuclear rather than conventional support that mattered in the case of Cuba. The US wasn't...
  14. Neocons in a longer Cold War

    Sure having a weaker military is a disadvantage, but there's no reason it would be a crippling one. For example by having way more resources to throw at supporting your foreign allies...
  15. The Legacy of Saint Brendan: A History of the Western Hemisphere, 512 to 1400

    Just read this all in a sitting while I should have been working. Great stuff, will follow with interest.
  16. Neocons in a longer Cold War

    I think this line is the core disagreement between us (and between me and RamscoopRaider). I'm just not seeing what the practical consequences of such a "loss" would be. Sure it would mean the other side could do something else with its resources besides piling ever more of them into the arms...
  17. Neocons in a longer Cold War

    Whereas it's plausible they would have started a conventional war? Which would somehow be relied on not to go nuclear?
  18. Neocons in a longer Cold War

    But the US did everything it could to undermine the Soviets / communism generally even IOTL! What's the difference in the context of a smaller Soviet military if it's not more direct military confrontation? It's a fantasy to imagine the Soviets were ever considering invading Western Europe...
  19. What if Charles Evans Hughes was elected in 1916?

    The race issue doesn't really map onto the left-right spectrum that well. There's of course a general tendency for the left to be less racist, but as Wilson demonstrated that was far from a hard and fast rule. TR was of course not the only progressive Republican, but that wing was nowhere near...
  20. Korea Today if the North Won the Korean War

    This seems right to me. Really they'd probably be more prosperous than modern Vietnam by the present day because they'd have had peace for the whole post-war era rather than Vietnam's long series of brutal conflicts.