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  1. Pop-culture in TL-191

    That's a little difficult. It entirely depends on your headcanon. Given that by the 1940s the British Empire was already struggling it is entirely possible that Ghandi is little known outside India if at all. For some reason due to The Japanese Empire being a longer run thing I'm thinking a...
  2. Pop-culture in TL-191

    Presumably yes, as I don't think the war would majorly affect the reputation of those two specifically.
  3. Pop-culture in TL-191

    Instead of the hapless main character who's trying to live up to his Clone father being Abraham Lincoln its Ted, a Clone of Teddy Roosevelt. However he's attempting to live up to his Macho stature as well as his achievements as an accomplished statesman. As such he acts like more of a...
  4. Pop-culture in TL-191

    I've heard this before. I kind of think the Empire should still be the villains but more modeled off the British Empire, thus the monarch is a powerless Puppet and the "Everything that has occurred has done so according to my design." Should be the Chancellor or Vizier or whatever. The "Good...
  5. Pop-culture in TL-191

    Pyro and the Soldier are unchanged The Engineer has a Jersey Accent. The Spy is French Canadian rather than Parisian. The Heavy is German The Scout talks like a California surfer dude. The Sniper is Russian The Egineer is a Black Mexican cyclops rather than a Scottish one And the Doctor...
  6. WI: Pop Culture in a world without 9/11?

    I'm thinking that a lot of trends that took until the mid-to-late 2010s to hit probably come around earlier. The Iraq War belligerent douche era of country was a deeply phyrric victory for the genre despite briefly being mainstream. Between crap like (name any Toby Kieth song) and canceling...
  7. Pop-culture in TL-191

    "Burning Irving" could work as it actually rhymes but he probably doesn't have a "firey" and wild reputation like Sherman, more of a calculating tactician who's known for his innovating Barrel tactics. If you're transplanting Sherman's reputation and memes you're probably looking for an air...
  8. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes VI (Do Not Post Current Politics or Political Figures Here)

    Poor James Earl Carter, first president who wasn't a part of the "founding fathers" era and his presidency is probably seen as an even bigger disaster because of it. Although why would Roosevelt be president for four terms? Does the civil war happen later and become a much bigger deal?
  9. Pop-culture of the Kaiserreich

    The thing where they take a foreign shows action scenes and splice their own "secret identity" parts over it is a pretty novel concept but could still exist if someone gets the same, frankly out there, idea. Sentai itself probably wouldn't be recognizable given Japan's state postwar. EDIT...
  10. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes VI (Do Not Post Current Politics or Political Figures Here)

    Well you see a nickname for "Richard" is Dick. So haha funni word. When I followed the American politics thread there was a Dickposting trend and it may have bled over here.
  11. Pop-culture in TL-191

    "Vhat Iz zee American Idea of a Knock-Knock joke? Knock-Knock. Who's there? ILL BE ASKING THE QUESTIONS ROUND HERE PARDNER!"
  12. Pop-culture in TL-191

    Most likely German or Japanese. Americans had genocide and atomic bombings happen on their soil, as well as having a history of socialism. Jokes at the expense of victims and "wow you care about stuff what a loser lol" Are unlikely to fly.
  13. Pop-culture in TL-191

    The south did have an obsession with "high civilization" and developing tech ahead of everyone else. The South actually managed to make a working atom bomb in TL-191, something the Nazis never came close to. Maybe Indiana Jones is Sci-Fi with an ancient aliens bend for the first three, and goes...
  14. Explain the AH Quote

    A line from Rolling Stone's review of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's 1998 Album Christmas Eve in Paris. A rock opera centered around a French family who is celebrating Christmas on the eve of World War II. The article praised the songs that directly incorrporated the dread of conflict and...
  15. the best movies never made

    I sing a song of starships and a man.
  16. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes VI (Do Not Post Current Politics or Political Figures Here)

    A Republican is sacrificed to him every day, so that he may never truly die.
  17. the best movies never made

    I think they did a few episodes where it turns out to be a community of cannibals or a regular serial killer. But even still it wouldve been nice to see Scully be right every now and then.
  18. the best movies never made

    for the edgy 2000s continuation/reboot/ whatever they could do a space Aeneid for the Cylons who survive the battle slightly based on the original concept.
  19. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    I have not, what does it refer to?