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  1. Omnicide: World War III In 1953

    A good starting point. Good read.
  2. The Malouines War: France in the Falklands Redux

    A really good story so far. Looking forward to more.
  3. A Red Day In Selma: An Alternate History Of The Civil Rights Era And Cold War

    Wow, this is a good read. Good job, waiting for more if you choose to grace us with it.
  4. A history of the second HMAS Australia

    A really good story. I'm hopeful that the Australia can yet escape her demise.
  5. To the Victor, Go the Spoils (Redux): A Plausible Central Powers Victory

    Just read thru this. Really good read.
  6. Something Serious Has Happened on Air Force One (a Tl/story by Geon)

    Wow, this is a great read. Subscribed.
  7. War makes for Strange Bedfellows – A Second World War timeline

    This timeline masterfully shows how good intentions can lead to Heck. Well done.
  8. Prolonging the Futility: A WW2 European TL

    Just read thru this. A good read.
  9. UNSUNKEN SUN: WWIII and Beyond

    I like this a lot. I'm sad because Truman is one of my favorite presidents but this is well written.
  10. An Unmutilated Victory

    A good time line.
  11. The Four Horsemen: the Nuclear Apocalypse of 1962

    Good read. Just caught up.
  12. Berlin or Bust - An Unthinkable Operation

    Nice. Onward to victory or a quagmire in Eastern Europe.
  13. Beyond the town of Gettysburg

    A really good story.
  14. Which timeline should I do?

    Always enjoy reading about world war 1 what ifs.
  15. Blood Red Cotton- A Confederate Timeline

    Just read thru this. A really good read. I see ww1 is kicking off early?
  16. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Finally caught up reading this excellent story. The eclectic mix of people, battles and equipment is a good read.
  17. Feel the Bearn - A Timeline of France's Only Carrier in WWII and Beyond

    I like it. Always a soft spot for the naval step children.
  18. Rosenberg's Reich: The Myth of The Twentieth Century

    Good start. I like it. I see Mr Wallace mentioned though..... I suspect he'll be back.
  19. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    As always a great chapter. I like the details in the smallest things. Well done good sir well done.