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  1. How would history have changed if HMSIndomitable had successfully joined Force Z?

    Found butterfly, forward gasoline store does not causes secondary explosion, which OTL, wrecks A turret, 1st and 2nd deck back to B barbette , also found Mare Island source that says Liverpool received 9 I stead of 6 x 20mm AA
  2. How would history have changed if HMSIndomitable had successfully joined Force Z?

    Liverpool did not complete repairs at Mare Island until October
  3. How would history have changed if HMSIndomitable had successfully joined Force Z?

    As discussed ,HMS Livepool can Transfer to Singapore after repairs at Mare Island and be in Sidney by the end of October 1941, only early search radar though.
  4. Malaya What If

    HMS Orion dud not arrive Mare Island until 5 September 1941, she did not complete post repair trials and available for service, until 15 February 1942. HMS Liverpool would have been available from 20 November 1941, she received additional 6 x 1 x 20 mm AA, but no radar update. IF Liverpool...
  5. Malaya What If

    I'm not sure without more research, but the Dand C class cruisers at one time had single 2lbrs, more like a very heavy MG, as part of their early AAAoutfit. I think these are what was referred to.
  6. Malaya What If

    At this time the only well trained and experienced air arm for night operations was the RN. a noght Pursuit and DD attack would have been more likely.
  7. WI: major USN refit in the 30s?

    With Lexington's air group available, it could have been pieced out to the other carriers to reinforce squadrons with experienced crews or Squadrons added to Air Groups. Either would have been helpful to the Hornet, as it might have prevented the "Flight to Nowhere" waste of a complete air group.
  8. WI: major USN refit in the 30s?

    Those ships with bows blown off were either given stub bows or coconut tree bulkheads for the trip to Noumea where a temporary bow would be installed for the trip to pearl, and later West Coast. None of those ships were used in any operations until fully repaired.
  9. WI: major USN refit in the 30s?

    Those didn't need the locks on the Illinois or Upper Mississippi. Great Lakes ports built Subs, Frigates, destroyer escorts, minesweepers, LST’s, and cargo vessels, as well as various amphibious, harbor, and patrol craft. builders located along the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois...
  10. WI: major USN refit in the 30s?

    Inland yards on the Great lakes depends on the lock capacity of the Illinois river and time of year and water levels allowing ships to by-pass the locks and dams.
  11. Malaya What If

    The Houston was not worn out, any more then any other Northampton Class Cruiser. Commissioned in 1930, and a 1st Generation Treaty Cruiser, She received a major overhaul in 1940 prior to leaving for the Asiatic Fleet. While there she received routine service, and she received major servicing in...
  12. Malaya What If

    Army unit's overseas, were in Puerto Rico. Panama, and the Philippines primarily Coast artillery or aviation , there were more I fantry in the Canal zone then the Philippines until 1940. Army units I the Far East, such as the 15th Infa try,were like the Asiatic Fleet and 4th Marines, long...
  13. How would history have changed if HMSIndomitable had successfully joined Force Z?

    Phillips, knew he did not have enough destroyers, he had convinced Tommy Hart to lend him a division of 4 destroyers, who were, on 8 December at Balikaipan, Borneo. The destroyers were limited to a speed of 15 kts, the max of their tender USS Black Hawk which would have put them at Singapore...
  14. How would history have changed if HMSIndomitable had successfully joined Force Z?

    Would the loss of those cruisers effect the force composition in Sunda Straight when Houston and Perth make their tragic run south allowing Huston and or Perth to escape?
  15. Malaya What If

    Hart was scheduled for retirement in June1942 when his time as CIC Asiatic Fleet expired. because of the war he stayed on until 1944 when appointed to the U.S. Senate.
  16. Malaya What If

    Examples 1898 Ensign Thomas Hart-1941 Vice Admiral Thomas Hart CIC Asiatic Fleet, 1904 Ensign Isoroku Yamamoto-1941 Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Commander in Chief Imperial Fleet,
  17. Malaya What If

    The USN was using teletype machines with radio operators typing input, and output received, being automatically typed out. However all code intercepts, and deciphered messages, went from the Philippines by special air mail, in a special strong box, built into the hulls of the Pan Am Clipper...
  18. Malaya What If

    The subs involved inshore, and against invasion forces, were primarily the S- Boats, with working, but shorter ranged Mark X torpedos, so the issue is back on poor inte.ligence on Japanese ASW and night vision capabilities. The Fleet boats were patrolling the South China sea, and making recon...
  19. Malaya What If

    Browning's entire product line was available through their whole owned subsidiary, Frabrique Nationale of Belgium.
  20. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    As in the houses of I'll repute on Hotel St Honolulu,the Barbary Coast San Francisco, Bowery New York, or Portsmouth, when the cry, 'Fleets In" went out over the last 100 + years.