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  1. What if the Soviets took Denmark in World War II?

    POD farther back, maybe FDR isn't even president. Who knows if De Gaulle is anyone? Even Churchill or Stalin are all possibly changed. OP has no POD limits. Could be in the mid 30's, for all we know.
  2. What if the Soviets took Denmark in World War II?

    Just have the POD be farther back. It is hardly impossible the war might have gone differently and left more of Europe under Russian influence. I could imagine TLs where Russian tanks roll all the way to the Rhine (or beyond!)
  3. Allies launch concerted campaign against Nazi and Gestapo HQ in occupied countries

    Best way to stop Nazi atrocities is to win the war.
  4. Is There a Napoleonic Unmentionable Sea Mammal Equivalent thread?

    "I do not say, my Lords, that the French will not come. I say only they will not come by sea." Admiral of the Fleet John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent
  5. To what exact proportions is the native American plight attributable to diseases or European colonialism?

    I don't think this is a question you answer with percentages.
  6. How Didn't The Japanese Have Air Superiority In The Pacific During WW2?

    "Git thar fustest with the mostest", often erroneously attributed to Nathan Bedford Forrest.
  7. Imperial Japanese invasion of Hawaii or northern Australia?

    I think the bolded is impossible.
  8. British Moon Landing by British Interplanetary Society?

    True, but we can't just wave our hands and put the BIS on the Moon. At least not in this forum. Landing a Man on the Moon is a serious undertaking. American managed it but that was nearly half a century later while being the richest, strongest, most scientifically advanced nation in the...
  9. Imperial Japanese invasion of Hawaii or northern Australia?

    We left WW2 era guys in charge!
  10. Imperial Japanese invasion of Hawaii or northern Australia?

    America is not the reason Germany views the Holocaust and WW2 war crimes the way it does.
  11. Imperial Japanese invasion of Hawaii or northern Australia?

    Wait, what? Lightly? We used nuclear weapons on their country and then occupied it for like a decade. We set MacArthur up like a king there.
  12. Northern Victory in 1862 Peninsular Campaign

    Someone needs to write this TL.
  13. Wilson's Christmas Peace: Effects on British politics?

    No way the USA just tries to ram through the British blockade, that's insane. It would, honestly, come to blows and then everyone looks like idiots.
  14. Could a Operation Flood (from the Thousand-Week Reich) happen instead of Overlord?

    Way too far for air cover. Why would you ever want to go that far, and right into the teeth of the German heart?
  15. Would Western companies use German slave labor?

    Hard to say 'German victory' covers a lot of ground.
  16. How long would the Confederacy survive?

    Very true but there is a wrinkle. I agree that only slaves near the Union really have any prayer of escaping, but I think many would. If they start doing in large numbers, is slavery going to be tenable in the Upper South? It isn't like they are going to buy slaves from the Deep South and bring...
  17. How long would the Confederacy survive?

    I would assume escapes would be far greater when the North was actually a refuge and not a place where they could get captured and re-sent South. Once they cross that border, they'd be home free (from slavery, not all other problems). It would be a very big change from OTL. Also, groups in the...
  18. How long would the Confederacy survive?

    You are putting modern views of border controls and immigration onto a very different landscape.