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  1. Lady Visenya

    WI: Crusaders routed at Zara in 1202

    Alexios III Komnenos gets much needed time to stabilize the regime, ideally. But I'm an Alexios III Komnenos friend, so...
  2. Lady Visenya

    Mohammed expands Islam south into Africa instead of into Europe

    To play devil's advocate (and I want to be extremely clear that his position is not my own), but this is hardly any different from skepticism and speculation regarding the timing of compilation of the Gospels, viewing some as more canon, throwing others out. Or even someone speculating regarding...
  3. Lady Visenya

    If Julian the Apostate lived a full life could the complete takeover of Christianity have been averted?

    Julian's narrow slice of paganism (in a sea of paganism and the much larger slice of Christianity) was so intellectual and obtuse in a way that wasn't really going to be popular. Its most popular ideas were just "do Christianity without Christ" on the social level, but for actual practice it'd...
  4. Lady Visenya

    Discussion: Imperial Rome and Judaea

    Instead of having a guy like Hadrian (pederast, terrible guy, bad taste in facial hair, wannabe hellene without actually having the admirable traits of Hellenic culture), have more guys like Titus "had a Jewish girlfriend". Or an emperor more able to openly force that thing through rather than...
  5. Lady Visenya

    Discussion: Imperial Rome and Judaea

    not repeatedly pissing them off and just leaving them alone might work, lmao
  6. Lady Visenya

    Early collapse of East Roman Empire, either between 330-600 AD or 750-1290 AD

    Yeah I kinda have to agree with you here. It's also the opinion I've held for a while. Phocas' war was one that had the Romans on the backfoot, but it wasn't a true disaster, like, *actual* disaster until Heraclius launched a revolt and fucked up the Roman response and then blundering away for...
  7. Lady Visenya

    Plausibility of roman restoration in the west after the Gothic Wars (if it didn't left Italy devastated)

    This. Unironically it'd be far healthier for the empire, and not to mention culturally and aesthetically more coherent and aesthetic mapwise. The weird tendency for people to think the Hadrianic borders are these things which must be retaken is weird to me.
  8. Lady Visenya

    Western Europe without a Muslim conquest of the Maghreb

    Wasn't one of the reasons the Arabs got a foothold in Tunisia and Tripolitania thanks to a Roman governor flat out requesting aid from the Arabs? As in, basically opened the door to them, and that's what prompted the westward invasion? I can see it as having been a possibility, but the...
  9. Lady Visenya

    Western Europe without a Muslim conquest of the Maghreb

    I imagine that in this case the scenario is somehow managing to get a few major Berber victories which make it just... undesirable to keep trying to take Africa. With Libya being the westernmost limit of Arab expansion. If the Berbers and Romans get lucky a few times, it might just mean they'd...
  10. Lady Visenya

    Comparisons between "Golden Age" Roman military and Early Middle Ages military

    But... they faced significant issues vs the Macedonians. And that was the Roman armies at the peak of their experience and skill after the second punic war. Like, they reached a level of sheer experience and momentum that wouldn't be matched for centuries. And even at the Roman peak their...
  11. Lady Visenya

    WI: 40 BC, instead of Treaty of Brundisium, Anthony and Octavian get into a duel.

    Antony beats the living shit out of Octavian. He was explicitly described by men closer to the events as having massive shoulders, being built like an ox, explicitly compared to Heracles. In fact, when Brutus and Cassius plotted the assassination of Julius Caesar, an integral part of their plan...
  12. Lady Visenya

    Earlier Byzantine recoveries

    By the campaigns of Basil II two hundred years later there had been radical shifts in the Bulgar state. They had a liturgy of their own, they had a culture which had established itself far *far* further out than it was in the day of Nikephoros I, and had Nikephoros I not died, and say... he and...
  13. Lady Visenya

    Earlier Byzantine recoveries

    I don't think so. Basil's conquest dealt with a Bulgaria which had time to establish itself and establish a Bulgarian identity and culture across a wide area, compared with the comparatively structurally fragile state of Krum.
  14. Lady Visenya

    Was Iberia always bound to be reconquered by the western powers?

    The richest and most sophisticated state in Western Europe in the year 1000 was in fact the Caliphate of Córdoba, to be honest. If things played out a bit differently one could well see Hispania remaining majority Muslim.
  15. Lady Visenya

    What if Turks never came to Anatolia?

    I'm sorry but "weak central authority" does not result in a bunch of peasants being able to rule the empire and its provinces for years. Like, my guys, the Paphlagonian dynasty and its fairly modest (but still notably successful) time at the top under Michael IV and his family before Michael V...
  16. Lady Visenya

    What happens if the Arab invasions happen during the middle of the Sassanid/Roman war and not the end and either state is not exhausted ?

    Except for the fact that the Romans and Persians used Arabs as clients and allies against their opposite number.:p It's not as though they were unaware of the usefulness of the Arabs. And Heraclius was willing to put himself at risk of capture by the Avar Khagan to get allies and peace for his...
  17. Lady Visenya

    Do you happen to remember the base map you used for this? I know it's been over a decade but I...

    Do you happen to remember the base map you used for this? I know it's been over a decade but I figured I'd ask. I really like the texture.
  18. Lady Visenya

    It is 'Senya, yes. You'd be surprised what artstyle can make possible. :laugh:

    It is 'Senya, yes. You'd be surprised what artstyle can make possible. :laugh:
  19. Lady Visenya

    If the Romans Spoke Greek! The Other Half!

    It's about as likely as Etruscans speaking Greek, frankly.
  20. Lady Visenya

    Blood & Gold: Ammon Rising

    Looking forward to more. A good Alexander timeline is always awesome.