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  1. The Anglo/American - Nazi War - The on-going mystery

    Cabal evil plans probably fail since it is really hard to develope superkiller virus which not burn itself too early. And another big problem is to get such virus which would kill only selected people (only non-Han Chinese in this case). So my guess is that Cabal will be satisfied virus which...
  2. What if Woodrow Wilson read ho chi mihn letter

    Even if Wilson would had read would he had cared much if any? At least he hardly would had pressured France to give independent and that wouldn't had even done anything else as damaged Franco-American relations.
  3. The Death of Russia - TL

    Fictive movies are not best source for actual situations. But probably this is pretty correct. Or then we could check how things have happened in actual life like news about 9/11. Or some national level notable news like recently queen Elizabeth II's death.
  4. Night Probe = implausible ?

    Probably not. And even lesser sole prime minister. Canada was already dominion and it had its own independent government and domestic policy. It wasn't some remote colony filled by some natives what could be sold to another nation without any consueqences. Canadian government wouldn't accept...
  5. Alix of Hesse marries "Eddy" (Prince Albert Victor) instead of Nicholas II?

    Wasn't there option to marry someone Montenegrian princess? If AV and Alexandra have son it might go intrestingly if he inherits hemophilia.
  6. What reforms could russian rulers enact to prevent the Russian Revolution?

    Vladimir was pretty much as reactionary as his older brother.
  7. Night Probe = implausible ?

    Agree. This is not even implausible but ASB. I can't see British PM being able to sell any part of British Empire without consent of parliament and him probably has even talk with king too. Even if PM would had talked with parliament or even with his cabinet that traty hardly would had been...
  8. German Grand Duchy of Alsace-Lorraine?

    I have bit doubts that Prussia would annex that. It was pretty strong already and actually strongest state of Geramny. Not sure if other states would are really happy with such move. I think that FF's oldest son Maximilian becoming ruler of E-L would be most likely option.
  9. Images from The Anglo/American-Nazi War

    Replica of Russian imperial crown Original Russian imperial crown and other imperial jewelry were lost during years of the occupation. Generally it is believed that these were destroyed by nazi officials. Their final fate is still unsolved anyway. When monarchy was restored to Russia in 1960 it...
  10. The fate of minorities in an Islamic State of Indonesia

    Very true. Killing of Christians and atheists is not uncommon. Even Iran offers better protection to its own religious minorities even if they are not completely equal with Shias.
  11. What if the USA from Southern Victory ISOTed to OTL 1950?

    TL-191 USA would be confused what did happen to Germany and why they are occupying Japan. Britain is not happy losing Canada and probably demands releasing Canada. And probably Mexico is not happy when it notices that it has lost Baja California, Chihuahua and Sonora. But it can't do anything...
  12. The Anglo/American - Nazi War - The on-going mystery

    Good wikiboxes but there is some small mistakes. You have miscalculated lenght of WW2. And I am pretty sure that Pétain wasn't anymore president of France since in OTL he died 1951 at age of 95. And he was already at end of 1940's pretty senile and on poor condition so he probably would had been...
  13. United States taking the initiative in the Pacific War

    Like stated, Roosevelt can't just decide go to war without support of Congress what he hardly gets without very good reason like Pearl Harbor like provocation. No one want do such political suicide going war without provocation. And USA wasn't really ready to war anyway.
  14. AHC: have Mesopotamia polytheism survive

    Only way to keep them even somehow relevant in Mesopotamia is avoid Christianity and Islam. They just can't tolerate other religions at least not very strong ones. But even then not sure how Zoroastrianism would affect to the religion. Probably you have find way keep Assyrian/Babylonian empires...
  15. An Imperial Match: Anne Boleyn marries Charles V

    Possible but not really usual. Not even back on these days or even in 19th century. One of hardest challenge is mother surviviving from so many birthings.
  16. Bicentennial Man: Ford '76 and Beyond

    Situation is not really easy for Finland. Soviets probably will ask firstly politely if they could send troops to Northern Sweden through Lapland. Finnish government surely wants stay out and offers mediation between Soviet Union and Sweden. Soviets might anyway think that Finland is betraying...
  17. WI: Native Americans and Meso Americans Armies Develop Pike/Spear Formations?

    And one thing is that speciality natives on Northern American prairies didn't see even such formations being needed. They rarely met other tribes speciality hostile ones and had not such warfare what was in Old World on Bronze Age. And for Mesoamericans they didn't fight for territorial...
  18. WI: Cleopatra and/or Antony escape to India?

    There was Canal of the Pharaohs but I don't know was it passable to sea ships. If not there is not way get away through Mediterranean. It was literally lake of the Romans. And even if they manage get beyond modern Gibraltar Straits it not help any. Them have go around whole the continent. I...