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  1. Dystopia (cyberpunk future game mod)

    This was the stereotypical cyberpunk map: Come to think of it, it's a bit amusing to see EU as its own country while much of the world is divided as usual, let alone the half-balkanized, half-Canada conquered North American continent.
  2. Dystopia (cyberpunk future game mod)

    Bumping this because I've been on a HL 2 mod kick. I've looked at Nuclear Dawn, NEOTOKYO° is pretty much a Japan-only setting Turns out this twenty year-old mod just received an update in January! The wiki with the dense world-building seems to be gone, but it's been lovingly preserved on...
  3. AHC: Have Ethiopia industralize
  4. Football in "Children of Men".

    No it is too late you must live with the burden
  5. The Apostolic Church

    The thread’s premise is really focused on alternate branding. So for this suggestion it’s a matter if the Monophysites 1) embrace the apostolic nature of the church for their church branch and 2) use that branding as opposed to “Oriental Orthodox” or “Church of the East” or whatever.
  6. The Apostolic Church

    Also, everyone else in this thread is no longer on this forum, meaning any quoting of their posts would not lead to negative interactions, simply empty ones.
  7. WI: No Iraq War but SARS-COV (SARS) become a pandemic
  8. The Apostolic Church

    Wait, what if the Anglican Church calls itself the Apostolic Church? What if Henry VIII instead of forming the CoE as a national church, instead intends it to be a schism a la 1054. So their branding would still be derived from the same universal language as the [Roman] Catholic Church and the...
  9. What if the Mongols Attacked Central Europe an Kings & Generals Alternate History

    Also the Mongols get their equivalent to Greek Fire, in terms of a medieval wonder weapon, right before Ogedei (not Möngke) does not die in 1241. The wheelbow having been invented early in the Norse New World by a stoner in Part 14 - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (Part Four), along with...
  10. AH: Spiders (webcomic)

    Here's the current live version of the comic, which sadly excludes some of the earlier segments (pre-03.5) that had the alternate history elements. Also, the use of fake websites, which was very clever. But, Internet Archive has all of the images as...
  11. What if the Mongols Attacked Central Europe an Kings & Generals Alternate History

    In Empty America, Batu the Khan of the Franks is succeeded by Sartak, who is a (Nestorian) Christian. So he, uh, calls for a crusade on the Holy Land... I really wish more people would read that timeline, but it is really really massive and involves a prehistoric POD so I understand why not. I...
  12. FH: Shooting War

    In dishonor of the twentieth anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq, here I bump this thread for Shooting War, the most 2006 comic. Perhaps I should also share Electric Sheep Comix's The Spiders.
  13. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    This could be a simple one: Dragon Warrior III has this neat overworld map based on the real world, with the exception being the giant continent between little Australia and the Americas. If you were to "un-morph" that continent back to something that would fit in the real Earth (in the same...
  14. What if Protestants got mad at the Massacre at Matanzas Inlet?

    I'm going to just sourcing my AH premises and world-building to Twitter now. Come to think of it, the Huguenots are very often ignored in history, never mind AH, probably because they lost and were assimilated over time. I think this could be paired with a situation where French efforts in...
  15. Empty America

    Dictionary of Empty America (1260-1410) - 1 [Note - EA has been liberated from the tyranny of the narrative. The remainder of the TL is going to be presented in the form of a rather ad-hoc Dictionary, through which the history of the period can be pieced together.] ABU'L-HASA. The "Black...
  16. superconducting materials, and other tech futures that weren’t?

    "RISC architecture's gonna change everything" "Yeah... RISC is good." It only took like 15-20 years after this movie for that to come true lol And as with many technical things, the specific distinctions between RISC and CISC have blurred as technology advances...
  17. superconducting materials, and other tech futures that weren’t?

    RISC, the reduced instruction set computer, is like a family of architectures, and what the ARM architecture belongs to. ARM chips have enjoyed a large boom due to their low-power embedded design being a boon to smartphones, and the MIPS architecture (which is also RISC) is used in video game...
  18. What if Spain took back eastern Mexico?

    Continuing from an earlier thread, Spain made some very lackadaisical attempts to take back its New World holdings, including their spectacular failure in Hispaniola and also these landing attempts in Veracruz and Tampico: