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  1. AHC: Protestant-Orthodox Alliance

    No, the Protestant view really is closer to the Catholic than to the Orthodox.
  2. AHC: Protestant-Orthodox Alliance

    Well the biggest hurdle is see is this. Ultimately despite the very clear theological and structural differences between Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism they still come from the same tradition and have more in common than either does with the Orthodox. Martin Luther was of course quite...
  3. A European Christian monarchy claiming descent from the prophet Muhammad

    Well they certainly didn't consider him a prophet for fairly obvious reasons but I suspect if we dig back through official genealogies I'm sure we'd find Muhammad placed in several royal lines in Europe.
  4. Laskaris vs Palaiologos, of better futures for Rhomania.

    The reconquest of Constantinople was pretty opportunistic as it was and I simply cannot see it taking place long after Pelagonia if that's still a victory for the Nicaean alliance. Assuming of course the Latins leave the city lightly garrisoned at some point.
  5. WI: No Norman England, no centralised French Kingdom

    One point to mention is that the Normans abolished slavery in England, replacing it with serfdom. Slavery probably still gets phased out and English systems still converge with that of the continent. Despite popular belief the Normans didn't open up England to continental influence, Frankish...
  6. WI: "Cardinal" Richelieu in the military

    I think the lack of Cardinal Richelieu is more interesting than the middling career he would end up with.
  7. Hellenic languages and nations diverge like Romance ones

    One problem is that Greek didn't even penetrate into the Balkans much past the coast. It did have enclaves in the Middle East but competed with Aramaic and Coptic, both literary languages in themselves. Latin otoh came to be spoken from Roman cities in Britain to the Thracian Black Sea coast and...
  8. How revanchist is the United States likely to get after a crushing Confederate Victory via British intervention?

    Britain would never support the power that wants to expand slavery. Full stop.
  9. Possible "Step-Conquerors"

    Yeah, Pompey lost to Caesar at Dyrrachium despite possessing a larger, better supplied army. That doesn't speak well of his generalship.
  10. AHC: Have another Germannic tribe dominate Europe

    The Franks seemed to be the only one that had enough population to become "representative" of Latin Europe. Which makes sense because the Goths and Burgundii were descended from quasi-refugee/mercenary types while the Franks were locals who expanded. Perhaps the Alemanni are the best alternative...
  11. More instances of Indo-European assimilation into Pre-Indo-European civilization?

    Probably not going to happen in the Corded War and Bell Beaker areas but anywhere with a high farmer population in warmer areas is a candidate. How about the Hittites and other Anatolians?
  12. WI: Justinian flees during the Nika Riots

    Justinian's conquests brought in control of part of the Spanish peninsula, the Balearic Isles, Sicily and most of Italy, the Roman province of Africa, and parts of the western Balkans. This brings control of several trade routes. The Exarchate of Africa also allowed a man named Heraclius to rise...
  13. WI: The Ottoman Empire joined the allies in WW1?

    While I would certainly not seek to absolve the Ottoman authorities of their attempt to prevent the Armenian population from being capable of rebellion via mass murder: which they certainly did, if the Ottomans are fighting alongside the Russians there's basically no chance of this being a major...
  14. WI Sweden converted to Islam?

    I don't know if the prevalence of pork consumption would stop conversion but if Swedes did convert to Islam they would have stopped eating pork.
  15. WI Sweden converted to Islam?

    Not gonna comment on the scenario's plausibility because I don't really know, but the use of Kufic script was probably because they thought it looked pretty or striking and would have acquired plenty of examples of it.
  16. Francization of the Rhineland and Belgium

    We can't assume that assimilating several Romance dialects into a standard French is the same thing as getting Germans and Flemings to drop the usage of their respective languages in favor of French.
  17. No Mazikert, the Seljuks continue their campaign in Egypt. What's next?

    He seems like an usurper who needed successful military campaigns to legitimize his rule. No doubt that this led to his decision to engage the Seljuks in battle and that his defeat was the end of his reign. This certainly isn't a recipe for stability.
  18. What are the biggest mysteries of the Dark Ages?

    The Romans themselves called it Italia.
  19. What hurdles would a manichean roman emperor face?

    Did the Manicheans have a hierarchical structure? Christianity was a minority religion outside of a few small areas in the east, but it did have bishops.