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  1. Rome Below the Winds: A Javanese Timeline

    And this is what I had been waiting for :< Centralizing Java is pretty much a novelty and a very big deal IMO due to historical political culture that had developed to resist it, as well as the power model(which is inherently a spiritual model) being developed in turn to circumventing said local...
  2. AHC: Ottoman wank

    I always like Osman II PoD. I actually made a map on said premise :
  3. Flag Thread IV

    A half joke, half actual prediction on the future of American politics based on the current political aligning.
  4. WI: Russia (re-)elected Communist Party instead of Putin?

    I recall I saw a map on this premise in god knows which map thread. Can't really remember anything else about it. My question is simple: Was it possible? And how would have it been different then Putin's Russia? Will Russia follow Chinese path towards Dengism?
  5. WIP Map Thread This all started from me pondering about an ATL Indonesia ruled by Heinleinian-style Libertarian Junta but it got all over the place that I haven't come up with a coherent description. I'll might have to actually develop this beyond mere one shot if I want to continue.
  6. Sorry for the sudden drop, but I wonder if you can help me with this ...

    Sorry for the sudden drop, but I wonder if you can help me with this :
  7. Looking for a map

    So I don't know if this is allowed. I seem to recall that there was a thread in this board where we can ask others about past maps that we recall having seen but can't find. If there's already a thread for that purpose, feel free to merge this into it. Anyway, I'm looking for high quality map...
  8. Integralist Brazil: How would it look like?

    Any specific year/time in mind?
  9. Integralist Brazil: How would it look like?

    And if they could not? Let's just throw the absence of any WW2 for maximum breathing space. How do you imagine they will last and then fall?
  10. Integralist Brazil: How would it look like?

    I think Brazil would be too far from the Axis reach to support. Even Portugal couldn't fend off allied pressure to coerce them into helping allied war effort. Brazil would likely just stay out of the war instead committing BEF as per OTL. How long Integralist regime can last though?
  11. Integralist Brazil: How would it look like?

    Basically, how would an Integralist dictatorship rule Brazil? Who would be their core powerbases and political pillars of Integralist power structures? How will they do economics, foreign policy, and stuff. Things like that. And also, how long can it last? The PoD is not important, let's say...
  12. WI: Ottomans lose Islamic legitimacy

    Here you go:
  13. Map Thread XVII

    Fair enough. I have edited the caption to be clearer.
  14. Map Thread XVII

    WI: Socialism and Globalism(a.k.a. "The Left") were pro-nationalism?
  15. Rome Below the Winds: A Javanese Timeline

    Let me reiterate: Bali will get reconquered at the end of this arc. NU is just Javanese Islam without a king.
  16. Rome Below the Winds: A Javanese Timeline

    Bali will certainly stay since the author himself has declared that it will be Islamized.
  17. Rome Below the Winds: A Javanese Timeline

    We got the NU = Nahdlatul']
  18. Map Thread XVII

    Edited the description because I wasn't satisfied with the previous version.
  19. Map Thread XVII

    I can do that, but I do in fact kinda like OTL US, or at least the AH potentials it has. I should've mentioned that in TTL US reconstruction was radical and complete.
  20. Map Thread XVII

    Because I was lazy, and this map was delayed for so long that I kinda forgotten what sort of story I wanted to put in the setting. But the basic premise is me experimenting on how secular nationalism will look like taking up assabiyah from Islam and how Islam itself would look like being the one...