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  1. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    Besides the bump? Correction of my misleading information (some while ago, now, I realize...).
  2. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    This is your captain speaking. Passengers expecting P-38s to arrive in Whip will be disappointed. It appears they've been diverted to The Last Dogfight and information was incorrectly updated. We apologize for the inconvenience.:'( (BTW, I did get the spitballing aspect.) Oh, yeah: bump.
  3. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    Given how inaccurate the FFARs were (Google "Battle of Palmdale" for a real laugh), I'd say that's a terrible idea. It's also one likely to be approved, since nobody (then) realized how daft it was. It looks like the droopnose would work, but IDK if Lockheed (or the AAF) would sign off on...
  4. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    That makes it marginally acceptable, but honestly, the customizer & rodder in me thinks about all the perfectly good P-38s that could be kept flying by cannibalizing those "wrecks". A bunch of people still needed to be shot.:mad::mad::mad:
  5. Alternate film and or music pairings

    You're a bit hard-pressed to update the music in "The Blues Brothers" without going out of genre. You might get away with newer bluesmen, but...
  6. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    That qualifies as a war crime. Or treason. Sure as hell grounds for shooting everybody involved...:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  7. Terry Gilliam's Watchmen

    Very good choice. You have to be kidding. For Gwen, the easy choice is Angeline Ball (fresh from "The Commitments"). For MJ, it's harder, but I'd look seriously at Demi. If you're not afraid of a bit of changing races, I'd also seriously consider Kelly Hu.
  8. Terry Gilliam's Watchmen

    I found it unnecessary, & I much prefer the Heinlein approach: drop us in the middle of things & let us figure it out. (I hadn't read the origin when I started reading, & didn't miss it.) I also found it was a quite strong shift in tone compared to #8 & later.
  9. Terry Gilliam's Watchmen

    Clearly you've forgotten: "I'm not in here with you, you're in here with me!" BTW (if I haven't come it yet...), Tim Truman's Scout would be a perfect miniseries. (I'd start at #7 or #8 and omit the origin story.)
  10. Carrier Anchorage in Pearl Harbor 1941.

    If Nimitz is forced to rely more heavily on submarines, there might be less dispersal of effort, and the war could end sooner, rather than later.
  11. Torpedo questions and ideas thread.

    I think you're vastly overestimating effective range. A 12mi "Browning shot" has exactly no chance of hitting anything: ships move. I'd adopt the MTB/PT solution: get very close and shoot a lot of fish. That being so, I'd want the fastest, most maneuverable ship I could get and the fastest...
  12. WI Prince Albert died aboard K-3?

    I did know that, but it wasn't nearly interesting enough that way.;) That's very interesting stuff indeed.:cool: Thx!
  13. WI Prince Albert died aboard K-3?

    In December 1916, HMSubmarine K-3, with Prince Albert of York (later KG6), took an unexpected plunge while diving and bottomed. It took about 20 minutes to unstick her. WI the incident had been more serious, and the Prince had drowned? How much would it have affected Britain's future? How...
  14. Admiral turn POTUS

    AIUI, he was invalided out due to TB, so that has to be overcome (or avoided) somehow. No worries, there's still David Gerrold.:openedeyewink:
  15. Admiral turn POTUS

    IDK how political he was, but I'd have love to see Lockwood as POTUS. (If you want political, look at Kelly Turner.) And if I can tout a low-probability candidate:openedeyewink: (if only because he did run for office after the war; I can't recall if he won): George Grider (who served aboard...
  16. Street Cars, Interurbans & Passenger Trains at any cost

    Given Canadian Medicare didn't seem too (AFAIK), I'd guess not, but it bears examining. One thing comes to my mind. If only a small fraction of trips are really long, does better mass transit mean there's a bigger market for short-range electric cars (and especially fleet vehicles)? It seems to...
  17. WI: General Motors sells Opel/Vauxhall (along with Holden) to Renault instead of Peugeot-Citroën

    You obviously know way more about this than me... Well done.
  18. WI Balfour voted "one"?

    AIUI, the 13pdr was considered more accurate (somewhat). I hadn't thought about actual ammunition production, which was a bottleneck in any case, given British stupidity on the issue, not to mention underestimating the demand for shells... I'd tend to agree the 18pdr, as the gun of choice...
  19. WI Balfour voted "one"?

    When the British were contemplating purchase of new artillery in 1904, there was a debate about whether to buy both the 13pdr and 18pdr. It was settled by PM Arthur Balfour casting a tiebreaking vote for both. WI he'd voted for just one gun? Would it have made an appreciable difference in...
  20. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    And I completely overlooked it.:confounded::confounded: So much for my lesson from Royal Ingersoll.:'( Not ideal everywhere, no. (Great closing line.:cool::cool: I wish I'd thought of it.)