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  1. Jonathan Edelstein

    By all means, go right ahead. If there's anything particular you want to run by me, send me a...

    By all means, go right ahead. If there's anything particular you want to run by me, send me a message (though I'll give fair warning that I won't always be able to respond quickly).
  2. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising

    Just dropping in to mention that I've written a new Mutanda-verse story, And Where I Go In Dreams - if anyone's interested, I'd appreciate your thoughts before I edit and submit.
  3. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising

    Wouldn't even matter if it did - I'm pretty hard to offend. Anyway, "Rhodes Must Fall" happened while I was finishing the main timeline, and it wasn't really anything new. Decolonization of public space has been an issue for a long time - witness, for instance, renaming of cities (Leopoldville...
  4. Jonathan Edelstein

    AHC: More Unusual Romance Languages

    Haitian Creole exists IOTL. It might be possible for similar languages to develop with Spanish or Portuguese substrates if any large quilombos or marron settlements can make their independence stick.
  5. Jonathan Edelstein

    The Lion Unbroken: An Nguni TL

    And by this time IOTL, Moshoeshoe was already king.
  6. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising

    My apologies to everyone for taking so long to answer these comments - I was away for a while, things happened (mostly good things, but things), and catching up took longer than I anticipated. You're assuming that I'd have the audacity to start a project like this now. :P It's hard to say...
  7. Jonathan Edelstein

    The Lion Unbroken: An Nguni TL

    OK, this is amazing. I'm a little concerned about how Phakathwayo's defeat will affect the balance of power between the Mthethwa leaders. The discovery of such a serious military threat might push Shaka - with or without encouragement from subordinates - to decide that the Mthethwa need to...
  8. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising

    Cool! The summary in the video is pretty good - I hadn't thought it was even possible to summarize this timeline, but he got the essence of it. His description of Europe was a bit off, but there's a lot to assimilate. It's amazing that the video has 600,000 views already - hope it brings some...
  9. Jonathan Edelstein

    Caligula, Bram Stoker's bestselling novel of 1887.

    This is modern scholarship; in 1887, the senatorial historians' view of Caligula was much more accepted as fact. But he would still be a poor fit for personification of an Eastern European legend.
  10. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising

    Even with that, she's a long way toward the right-hand side of the bell curve. Maybe she's the one who got paid back for all the Abacars who died young. And thanks, everyone!
  11. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising
    Threadmarks: Epigraph

    We know Paulo Abacar the Liberator. We know Paulo Abacar the poet, the soldier, the statesman, the visionary. We have his writings, his battlefields, his histories. But Paulo the man is an enigma. We know nothing of his childhood, not even the name his parents gave him. We know so little of his...
  12. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising
    Threadmarks: The Moorish Tower: A Tenth Anniversary Story

    Portugal July 1808 Art: Dora Hathazi Mendes The fort on the hilltop was the oldest thing Paulo had ever seen. It loomed in the gathering twilight amid a stand of pines, its walls in partial ruin, weathered enough to seem one with the boulders on the hillside. Paulo knew how people aged, how...
  13. Jonathan Edelstein

    They Come in All Colours: A Timeline

    Damn, Daeres. I don't think I'll be able to say many intelligent things about this timeline, but this is quality.
  14. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising

    Absolutely. I've mentioned that the largest Jewish political movement in Israel/Palestine itself ITTL is basically Bundist, emphasizing communal autonomy and control of institutions rather than territorial statehood. Part of that is realpolitik, of course - statehood is a non-starter with an...
  15. Jonathan Edelstein

    Malê Rising

    OK, a couple of announcements. First, I've posted a new Mutanda-verse story to the Writers' Forum. I expect that it will be published sometime in mid-2022, depending on editorial timetables, but those who are interested can read it here first. It will go through some edits between now and...
  16. Jonathan Edelstein

    AHC: Turn a popular dictator into a constitutional monarch

    If we count Boris, then we have to count Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.
  17. Jonathan Edelstein

    AHC: Native Southern African Great Power

    Madagascar wasn't unified until the early 19th century, and the unifier was a highland kingdom that wasn't oriented toward sea trade or sea power. What you'd need is for a Betsimisaraka or Sakalava state in the lowlands to coalesce earlier and get the upper hand - the Sakalavas did engage in...
  18. Jonathan Edelstein

    African Yugoslavia: A West African Story

    neither of which have collars :P
  19. Jonathan Edelstein

    20th Century Female Dictator, Not a Monarch?

    Yekaterina Furtseva was the only female member of the Soviet Politburo in the pre-Gorbachev era - it's a long shot for her to get the big job, but maybe if she doesn't fall out of favor in 1960, she could be a dark-horse compromise candidate after Khrushchev falls.