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  1. Blackburn Skua - a reasonable wank

    According to my 1996 reprint of Janes All The World's Aircraft 1945-46 (first issued in February 1946), "...The company will later offer a development of the nine-cylinder Perseus engine using Centaurus instead of Hercules type cylinders..." The Centaurus was type tested in 1938, so an earlier...
  2. Blackburn Skua - a reasonable wank

    Just Leo had some...scathing...opinions on the aerodynamics of the Skua undercarriage. And I (very vaguely) remember reading somewhere that the windshield was steeply angled to avoid reflections when divebombing?
  3. Blackburn Skua - a reasonable wank

    According to Wiki, the Taurus is actually more compact than the Perseus (really?) and about 125Kg heavier. So in a realistic timeline, shouldn't be an impossible fit. Ditch all but one of the forward firing guns. Extra wing tanks. And bear in mind it's contemporaries are the likes of the...
  4. No Westland Lysander, Army gets two A/C types instead

    I posted this in another thread - - (although based on a Master rather than Kestrel) but needs an alternative engine, if Mercury not available. Edited to add, maybe if Alvis carry on with the Pelides?
  5. 1937-42, yet another alt British Army what-if

    Follow the Russian lead. Bring in Albert Kahn/Albert Kahn Associates to look at building up-to-date factories. (And equip them with modern plant)
  6. 1937-42, yet another alt British Army what-if

    Carry out a survey of rail routes between tank factories, army depots and ports to see whether width limits due to gauge can be relaxed. Does a close support tank need a turret, or will a casemate suffice. Stick with the 3.7" gun but increase elevation/range.
  7. US Army better LMG, 1939-45

    Was the US military still fairly close with the French? Might they have considered the FM24/29?
  8. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Hopefully, someone will have an answer. On the face of it, the 3.7" is a more useful gun. According to had a two pound HE charge and later in the war had a HEAT round as well.
  9. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    An interesting take on Valentines in Soviet service here -
  10. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    I'm not convinced the QF 17pdr will be adopted/adapted for tanks. I think we're more likely to see some iteration of the Vickers 75mm HV, either in 75mm or 76.2mm/3". But we'll have to wait and see where Allan goes with this.
  11. HMS Princess Royal - A cheap and cheerful upgrade

    Yet to find anything online about introduction of the Hazemeyer mount in advance of the above. I'm guessing that there would have been previous twin Bofors mounts?
  12. HMS Princess Royal - A cheap and cheerful upgrade

    [Minor edit] A possible "simple" rebuild? Princess Royal is sold to the Netherlands ahead of the WNT. Part of the deal is that she is rebuilt to oil fired propulsion. She becomes the core of a DEI "fleet in being", supported by destroyers and submarines. In the early thirties she is upgraded...
  13. HMS Princess Royal - A cheap and cheerful upgrade

    I had a vague idea floating around that Java and Sumatra were not laid down and after WWI the Netherlands looked for something larger than a cruiser to form the core of the DEI fleet...maybe concerned about the IJN? Britain was certainly considering selling off some older ships before the...
  14. Glossary of Sealion Threads

    If this hasn't already been posted - We Have Ways Of Making You Talk Ep. 261 - The Germans Are Coming
  15. No Spitfire AND no Bf109?

    I've found some threads where one or the other is not developed, but not both. Assuming Willi Messerschmitt falls out with Adolf, Herman et all, does the He112 get better development and engines? Possibly the 110/210/410 line is stillborn. What replaces them? The FW187 Falke looks like a good...
  16. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    Wouldn't that introduce its own logistics bottlenecks? And what is the efficiency of a steam truck/tractor on poor or unmade roads compared to a railroad? (Mind you, I'd love to have one of those baby 12hp Bulldogs to ride around on! :) )
  17. WNT allows cruiser weapons to go up to 12’

    In 1930-32 Charles Lillicrap roughed out some paper design for light battlecruisers - If earlier limits were set at 10" guns on 15,000 tons, something like this may have been the result? Although with earlier secondary armament. Perhaps...
  18. 1935-1945: twin-engined day fighters are in push-pull configuration

    I can't remember where (possibly something to do with a Shuttle escape system?) but I've seen a set-up with a rail extending past the "danger area" to aid in baling out. So possibly something similar and perhaps simpler than a full on ejector seat? Would cooling be such an issue with a liquid...
  19. Alternate technologies

    Flettner rotor ships? Airships to orbit?
  20. Washington Naval Treaty never happens - does naval AirPower get sidelined?

    And that alone could have...interesting...consequences.