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  1. Taunay

    WI Philip IV of Spain lives longer

    A new Iberian Union under Portuguese rule is pretty interesting
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    The Basque kingdom and Colonisation.

    Agreed. If Portugal had held on to Galicia, it could certainly be able to expand its domain. Another possibility is for Portuguese conquest of all lands below the Tagus River, opening up a very big area for Luso settlement
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    The Basque kingdom and Colonisation.

    If there was a Franco-Luso alliance instead of an Anglo-Luso one, I think it's possible that Castille would be very weakened in the Iberian Peninsula
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    What is a common thing or trope that always seem to happen?

    Talking about Iberia, an idea that its very interesting is if Portugal is able to expand more in the peninsula, keeping Galicia, conquering Leon and taking everything south of the Tagus River
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    How would Portugal in a surviving UKPBA stay relevant in the union?

    Having the Portuguese Navy could help Brazil intensify the blockade of Buenos Aires, which would allow it to keep Cisplatine. Another aspect to consider is that Mesopotamia (The region of Argentina) is extremely important for the country, and if Brazil manages to conquer it, the results would be...
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    How would Portugal in a surviving UKPBA stay relevant in the union?

    Yes, but as long as Brazil and Portugal held the guns, there was nothing Africans could do. Not only that, you can also expand Portuguese presence in Asia.
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    How would Portugal in a surviving UKPBA stay relevant in the union?

    Imperial expansion. Brazil expands into Argentina, but in compensation Brazil would fund and help Portugal in expanding in Asia, Africa and possibly some other region. By having a bigger Portuguese Empire outside of Brazil, Portugal would be able to keep its relevance within the empire
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    Deferred Horizons: The Shaping of the Modern World

    This got my attention
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    Map Thread XXI

    Excellent map. Do you have more information about what happens in the future in TTL? I just really liked the worldbuilding
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    A wealthier brazil

    Exactly. I'm sure that some of these 1870s republicans were regretting the movement they supported by the 1900s.
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    A wealthier brazil

    Or if the assassination attempt against Pedro II succeds which greatly weakens the republican movement and guarantees Isabel will become Empress without as much opposition as expected
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    Rebirth of an Empire "O Renascimento de um Império" v2.0

    I finally finished this TL, and I must say this is the best work I've ever read in this entire forum. The level of detail, the many ramifications of the POD(s) and the amazing writing are incredible. I sincerely hope this timeline will continue, but even if it doesn't I'm glad that I got to...
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    A wealthier brazil

    Exactly, the landowning elite basically remained the most powerful one even with industrialization. A good POD to reduce or even end this is successful land reform in Brazil, you could have slavery ending earlier too. For example, the Lei Feijó would reduce the slave trade and later end it but...
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    Bob's POD Thread

    People/State: Tupi Location & Place: Brazil/Atlantic South America (Modern-day São Paulo to Argentina, Paraguay and Rio Grande do Sul) POD or Premise: Tupi tribes unify under a single leadership and are able to resist European colonization and establish some sort of control over their lands...
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    Cinco de Mayo

    Yes, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't be supportive of industry. In his "Considerações Gerais Sobre a Indústria Brasileira" (General Considerations on Brazilian Industry), written by Miguel Reale (A major Integralist figure), he criticizes the Brazilian industrial system, but he doesn't...
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    Cinco de Mayo

    Which type of integralism is there ITTL? For what I remember, OTL Integralism (Just like all major ideologies in Brazil at that time like Communism and Varguism) was pro-industry, so much so that its main bases of support were the urban middle-class and the intellectuals, who were both favorable...
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    Cinco de Mayo

    Foreigners may be shocked, but since the mid-19th century separatism had become a dirty word and outright villified by the vast majority of Brazilians. Even when we had a shaky transition to a republic which abolished a popular monarchy, you saw few separatist movements. In fact "separatism" had...
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    Into the Cincoverse - The Cinco de Mayo EU Thread and Wikibox Repository

    Sorry for always talking about this, but any content related to Brazil would be very cool to see!
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    Fishing for map ideas

    Although Castile is bigger than Portugal, it's important to notice that at that time Lisbon was the second-biggest city in the Iberian Peninsula by population and was larger than Seville and Madrid, while being only smaller than Granada by a difference of 5 thousand. (Source...