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  1. The Forge of Weyland

    I am sorry for your loss. Have been there and it took me a while to get over it. Be strong.
  2. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    There were few friendly fire incidents over Balkan OTL as well as accounts from Soviet sides when US fighters attacked Soviet motorized columns mistakenly identified as Germans in Yugoslavia.
  3. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Not on top of the wings. But stars were on the sides of fuselage.
  4. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    So Slovaks paid back liberation of Bratislava from 1918 by liberating Prague? I guess Osusky will have long time impact on Czechoslovak politics. OTL he passed in 1973. I have a question. Why should quality of beer be lower? What are Czechs missing there to make good brew?
  5. Siebel si 204 in postwar period

    Actually Czechoslovakia did use Aero C3A/B (Siebel 204) in COIN operations in 1947 against so called “bandera’s groups” - UPA groups retreating from Poland. Most of the operations involved ground units from various armed parts (Army, Police and border protection) and Airforce played only...
  6. No Il-2 Sturmovik?

    I believe there was version of Yak with room behind cockpit for cluster ammunition. La-5 FN used to carry rockets or bombs.
  7. The Forge of Weyland

    Christus voskres.
  8. The Forge of Weyland

    On other side. Whole Europe was already lost in summer 1941. So he gained half back. ;)
  9. For Want of a Word – Stolypin endures

    Depends how far Moscow want to push it. Even without Ruthenia (Zakrarpatska or Podkarpatska Rus), there was large population of Ruthens in Slovakia at northeastern Slovakia almost all the way along Polish border to area around Stara Lubovna.
  10. For Want of a Word – Stolypin endures

    Czechoslovakia originally didn’t even want Ruthenia. Prague end up with it. And it was not small drain on finance. Later on strategic connection to Romania was its only plus but I believe infrastructure needed huge investments.
  11. For Want of a Word – Stolypin endures

    I am Surprised Russia didn’t annexed Ruthenia but left it to Czechoslovakia. This would allow Russia direct contact w Hungary as well as separated Czechoslovakia from Romania. As such Romania would be more isolated from rest of Europe if we considere Romaniana. Ulgarian and Romanian Hungarian...
  12. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    How Germans got over Danube to put such a pressure on Bratislava? And shouldn’t they but this time be running out of ammunition and parts for Luftwaffe? By some sources due to rapid expansion of Luftwaffe there were not much of spare parts in September/ October 1938 and ammunition and lubricants...
  13. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    What about oil? Romania is allied w Czechoslovakia. OTL he got the gold because Hacha capitulated and Brits actually recognized take over. Still he didn’t get all gold. As far as I remember approximately slightly or around half of it.
  14. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    Sorry for double quote. Must be some glitch in the system as I tapped only once on my phone. Anyway. You may be right w later tanks but seems Czechoslovak AA guns would be able to be employed against German tanks w their current ammunition. 20 mm AA Oerlikons would work against over 80% of...
  15. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    As much as I don't like Benes. At the end, more or less he realistically analyzed situation. Once France and Poland shot themselves in the foot by no supporting Czechoslovakia in 1938 who can really blame him? Poland historian are describing how Poland try to be realistic in 30-ties but at the...
  16. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    Let’s be realistic. Once Czechoslovak army fully mobilized Nazi terrorist lost appetite. And Czechoslovak army was still basically holding back in order not to fuel Nazi propaganda even more. Anyway in TTL Czechoslovak army retreated from most of border region so terrorists abilities to fuel...
  17. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    There was also fighting in Slovakia in late 1938 in Orava and High Tattas region. However Prague offered Zaolzie shortly before or around Munich. Poles would stay out. Why to bother and piss off French and Brits if they could get it without fight. Also this would give Soviets case to attack. Not...
  18. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    From start of production in October 1937 to end of September 1938 35 Po IVA and 42 Pz IV B were produced. 5 of As were used for testing, 72 or 77 in total available.
  19. Alternative History Armoured Fighting Vehicles Part 3

    Why LT - lahky tank (light tank)? Would’ve this be ST-42 - stredny tank (medium tank)?
  20. What if Germany did not have Italy as a ally in ww2?

    @Tibi088 I am from Kosice. My grandma lived there since before the war. Anyway according to some witnesses planes involved in the attack had wingtips painted yellow. Guess who was doing it at the time?