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  1. AHC/PC: Women equal in Athenian democracy

    Could anything move the Greeks away from heavy infantry as their main force, and what options are viable? What about something religious, recognize that mortal women can have some of Athena's wisdom and skills.
  2. Royal Princesses Evacuate to Canada...what next?

    Would it be possible to promote Canada to its own kingdom, so making the love interest a prince or king to solve the status issue? Then Elizabeth might need to be made Empress of the whole empire instead of only India.
  3. WI Cordell Hull 1940

    He and the State Department he ran were one of the main reasons so few Jews could escape from Europe to the U.S., with him as President I expect that number will be even less.
  4. Earliest possible movable-type printing press

    Do you need metallurgy? Woodblock printing was done in China, so individual wood block letters should work.
  5. WI Jesus was handed over to the emperor and executed in Rome?

    It turns out I was thinking of Ignatius Unfortunately, the bit about the route he took is vague. He was allowed to preach and send letters, which seems really lax security. I assume Jesus would have the same kind of lax security, since Christianity isn't a threat yet.
  6. WI Jesus was handed over to the emperor and executed in Rome?

    Will Jesus preach during the trip, that might plant some early seeds in places? What would the route be? I know one early Christian was taken to Rome for execution, but can't recall who. Will the story of his execution make it back to his followers, or be completely made up later? The whole...
  7. WI: Scooby Doo-Style Revival of the Archie Franchise

    At its core, at least from what I recall, it's the Archie/Betty/Veronica triangle and that should be easy to get variations off of. Sometimes it's serious, other incarnations it's friendly competition, in the 90s(is that on time or too soon) we get one with Betty/Veronica getting together...
  8. A Light Shines East: The World of a Christian Persia

    What about that gains followers, why do people want to think everyone(including themselves) is born evil?
  9. Effects of the USA entering WW1 with only volunteers

    Would volunteers know they'd be heading into the trenches? Maybe deployment to Africa or against the Ottomans would be better so it'd free up British troops.
  10. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    I wonder if Stan would be interested in meatier cameos after this. That got me thinking about a Marvel film from the perspective of the average person. Somebody going about their day, but keeps running into whatever super incident is going on. We just see bits and pieces, sometimes hearing or...
  11. What could have prevented US entry into WW1?

    I thought they only started because the British were arming merchant vessels so surfacing for inspection became a trap. Did they have other reasons?
  12. WI: Railroads Break the Color Line in 1948?

    So, 11 extra hours to the trip if you want to be racist, that's enough some businesses could make their employees take the Chief.
  13. Could France be saved in 1940?

    Did any French military plans include chemical weapons, they did have a large stockpile of mustard gas and phosgene. Would using them have slowed the Germans enough to be a benefit?
  14. Would it have been so bad for France to fall to the Soviet camp in the Cold War?

    The Soviets would probably lose the mantle of anti-imperialist in the third world, but they'd still have access to French colonies. Would gaining a friend in France itself be worth it? Soviet bases would be on both sides of West Germany, any WW3 that at least started conventionally would have...
  15. Merrily We Roll Along: A Post-1969 History of Looney Tunes

    When it's time for Fox maybe they'll lean into the name and we get some animated spokes foxes. Once you have them might as well try some show ideas with them.
  16. What if the 1959 Mosul uprising succeeded and Iraq joined the United Arab Republic?

    What happens with Kuwait, would they be interested in joining this new country? There was a unification movement in the 1930s, but when Kuwait finally got independence in 1961 it had apparently vanished and all the effort to reunify was on the Iraqi side.
  17. Ottoman style millet system in Western or Central Europe

    Conversion in Iberia goes better, by the time of the Reconquista it's just impractical to expel all the Muslims and Jews. Perhaps the HRE adopts the idea to keep Protestants and Catholics from going to war, again.
  18. How could Japan keep the Army and Navy under Control

    A combined defense ministry instead of the army and navy having their own representatives in government. Whoever heads the ministry can't be active duty. Don't ask Prussia for advice.
  19. "To Introduce our Guest Star, that's What I'm Here to Do..." The Hensonverse Fan Contribution Thread

    Found an interesting Reddit thread Replace all actors but one in a movie with Muppets A few good ones Beauty and the Beast, with the Beast human until he turns into a Muppet at the end. The Truman Show, as Truman discovers the truth the other characters turn into Muppets.
  20. AHQ: Could Amda Seyon have made good on his threat to redirect the Nile?

    If it isn't possible how much could actually be done before they give up, and would failing have an historical impact? This option could at least benefit his own people, even if the project ends without a full blockage.