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  1. Hrvatskiwi

    Francia as China analogue

    Been having this thought for a few days now and thought I would see what y'all think. How would you have Francia as a Chinese analogue, that is, the core region remaining consistent, with cycles of expansion and retraction, unity and disunity. The country has to be big enough to maintain...
  2. Hrvatskiwi

    Most likely outcome without Magyar settlement of Pannonia?

    Hi y'all, Just wondering what your thoughts were regarding the likely development of the Pannonia plain without the Magyar invasion and settlement. Would it remain Slavic? Would Austrians continue to settle further East along the Danube or would another set of nomadic pastoralists inevitably...
  3. Hrvatskiwi

    Narentine Colonisation of Venice

    From a cursory glance at the history of the Repubblica Serennissima, it seems that at the very beginning, supremacy of the Adriatic sealanes was highly contested between Venice and a number of polities on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Zadar (Zara) and Dubrovnik (Ragusa) were notable...
  4. Hrvatskiwi

    Kuzuryū - A History of Japanese Expansion in Asia
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Paying Respects

    PROLOGUE July 30, 1944 --- The bare branches of the cherry trees that flanked the shrine lay still in the afternoon sun. Only the wafting of incense smoke and the light breeze billowing through the chrysanthemum-emblazoned banners broke the illusion of complete stillness. The permanence of the...
  5. Hrvatskiwi

    WI: The Rawalpindi Conspiracy succeeds?

    The Rawalpindi Conspiracy was a plot by Pakistani Major-General Akbar Khan and other left-wing officers to overthrow the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951. The plot was revealed to the authorities and the plotters were arrested, but what if that hadn't occurred? There...
  6. Hrvatskiwi

    WI: France to the Rhine?

    Although I'm not an expert on Early Modern history, it seems pretty apparent that France was consistently a great power in Europe (and globally) from the Renaissance onwards. As shown by the Revolutionary Wars, France was in many ways the 18th century equivalent of what Germany would become in...
  7. Hrvatskiwi

    AHC/WI?: Zapadnoslavia?

    After WWI, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was formed as a means to unite South Slavs. What if, instead of independent Polish and Czechoslovak states, there was a single state established for West Slavs, Zapadnoslavia? How would such a state develop politically? Would the Poles or Czechs dominate...
  8. Hrvatskiwi

    Spengler's Prophecy: The Rise of Pochvenik Russia
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Humiliated and Insulted

    Tsar Nikolai II and Tsarevich Aleksey Nikolaevich, in happier times Awakening in his bed, Tsar Aleksey found that the silk sheets gave him little comfort these days. Instead, the Tsar chafed at the restrictions in his life. He had become accustomed to a gilded captivity since childhood, but...
  9. Hrvatskiwi

    Jamukha defeats Temujin

    This POD has almost certainly been discussed before, but what are AHers' opinions on what the consequences of Jamukha maintaining his title of Gur Khan (Great Khan) after defeating and killing Temujin? I know it's unlikely for anyone to have as much success as Temujin would, but what exactly...
  10. Hrvatskiwi

    WI: Bassel al-Assad doesn't die?

    So, given that Bashar al-Assad's rise to power was pretty unlikely, and didn't seem to be particularly welcomed by Bashar, what would have occurred if his very popular brother, Bassel al-Assad, hadn't died in a car crash and became President of Syria, a role his father was grooming him for?
  11. Hrvatskiwi

    China WI: Oirats march on Beijing

    So I am currently reading Peter C. Perdue's excellent book China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Eurasia and came across something interesting. Apparently, during the Ming dynasty, the Oirats had an effective non-Genghisid chieftain by the name of Esen, who captured the Zhengtong...
  12. Hrvatskiwi

    Between East and West: A Post-War Independent State of Croatia

    What is this? This is a TLIAF (Timeline in a Fortnight) or so, to be honest, which is about a history of the Independent State of Croatia (yes, the Nazi puppet state) if the Lorković-Vokić plot had succeeded and a pro-Western, anti-Communist democratic government took control. Wait what...
  13. Hrvatskiwi

    In the Arms of Papatūānuku: A History of Aotearoa and the United Tribes

    "He kotuku rerenga tahi" "A white heron flies once" (used when something very special and unusual takes place) The flag of this fledgling nation, agreed upon at this place one year prior, swayed proud in the breeze. The gentle wind kissed the white ensign, emblazoned with the cross of St...
  14. Hrvatskiwi

    Expressions of Interest Regarding NZ Maori Timeline?

    Hi there AHers, I haven't been very active lately (and yes, I will contribute to my flagship TL, Stars & Sickles, soon enough), and will be pretty busy for a while with university and volunteering commitments, but I was thinking of embarking on a Of Rajahs and Hornbills-style TL set in...
  15. Hrvatskiwi

    Implications of Aztec adoption of horsemanship and other European technologies

    Okay so in North America, several native American tribes (for instance the Apaches) acquired horses and became extremely good horsemen. The benefits of cavalry on the great plains are somewhat obvious, but what if the Aztecs somehow managed to fend off the Spaniards? Would they have any real...
  16. Hrvatskiwi

    AHC/WI: Welsh expansion into Western England

    So I'll preface everything I saw here with the admission that I am extremely ignorant when it comes to the history of the British isles. Anyway, I'm wondering what is the latest plausible POD for the Welsh repelling the advances of the English and expanding themselves into Western England...
  17. Hrvatskiwi

    WI: No Davidian Revolution?

    So I don't know very much about the particular time period or about Scottish history, but what would be the likely effect on subsequent Scottish history if the reforms of David I don't go through?
  18. Hrvatskiwi

    TLIAW - In Hollywood, No-One Can Hear You Scream

    Wait a minute, have you ever done a TLIAD, TLIAW, TLIAC or anything else? Well I've written timelines and stuff, just never finished them, but no I haven't done a time-restricted one. Also, aren't your timelines generally geopolitically-focused? Yeah but I'm trying to branch out, okay...
  19. Hrvatskiwi

    Wolves of the Steppe: A Gothic History of the World (Reboot)

    Hi AHers, Having some minor writer's block with Stars & Sickles, I've decided to revive Wolves of the Steppe, which I think had a lot of potential but was somewhat weakened by some creative choices I made in the original version, hence why I decided on a reboot rather than just necromancy...
  20. Hrvatskiwi

    WI: Muslim Cambodia?

    So I stumbled across this: It mentions that there was a Cambodian king that converted to Islam and styled himself Sultan Ibrahim due to the assistance of Malay traders in his rise to power. Given that this happened roughly the same...