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  1. One Admiral's Fatal Mistake
    Threadmarks: August Crisis and Sweden Enters to the Great War

    August Crisis and Sweden Enters to the Great War Commander of Russian Baltic Navy admiral Nikolai von Essen It was August 9, 1914. Great War was begun only couple weeks earlier. Commander of Russian Baltic Navy admiral Nikolai Von Essen approached with some of his ships Gotland and Fårosund...
  2. WI: Lenin has son?

    What if Lenin would get son with his wife sometimes on early years of 1900's? How this would change Lenin's life? What would happen for the son after Lenin's death? Could he get some political career? If Stalin still rises on power, what he would do with him?
  3. Question: Why didn't Saudis declared themselves as caliphs?

    Ibn Saud declared himself as king of Saudi Arabia on 1932 and he ruled two holiest cities of Islam. But he didn't declare himself as caliph. Why not?
  4. WW1 Cliches

    Insired by WW2 cliches thread. There you can list cliches about WW1. It can be with anything POD. - Not matter how early POD is, there will be always World War/Great War/Global War. - Not matter how world war ends, there will be always second. - If Central Powers win war, France turn always...
  5. Fate of Iceland without WW2/Occupation of Denmark?

    Iceland was personal union with Denmark since 1918. This union ended during WW2. But what if there wouldn't be WW2 or Germany didn't occupy Denmark? Could personal union survive until this day or become Iceland fully indepent state? And if Iceland would become indepent who care about defense? Or...
  6. WI: Nasser Lives Longer?

    President of Egypt died from heart attack on 1970 just 52 years old. But what if he survives or even not get heart attack. He could lives 20 - 25 years longer. Of course this is effects for history of Middle East. How relationship with Israel develop? Could these countries ever make peace...
  7. Can Portugal Stay Part of Spain?

    Since 1580 until 1640 Portugal was part of Spain. It is possible that union contiues longer maybe even 20th century? If this is possible how that effect future of Brazil and colonization of Africa? What other countries say when Spain has nearly whole South America?
  8. Plausibility Check: Second American Civil War

    It is possible that in 1960's erupt second civil war? Would supporters of apartheid politicy ready rise rebel against federal government and human rights claimants? If are what would be consequences?