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  1. Ike Dodges the Draft, Or How We Got a Three Party System
    Threadmarks: 0: The Election of 1952

    "Branching off points, Doctor?" The young lady considered this for a moment. "Like if you went back in time and shot Hitler when....well, maybe when he was a baby, maybe a little older?" The Doctor, still bent over the cadaver, scoffed a little unkindly at her. "Of course, if you want to pick...
  2. When Walt Met Nixon: An Electoral History
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Elections of 1950-1952, Or The First Steps

    (Author's Note: So! Hello there! If you've clicked on this via the title, you are probably wondering what this is all about. So I am currently working on a timeline detailing an alternative history of animation, starting all the way back in 1940. It's called Ferguson's Book, which is explained...
  3. Ferguson's Book: An Alternative Disney Filmography
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Around the World (And Bambi Too)

    (Here we go. Interested to see how this plays out around here) Interviewer: So, what can you tell me about the end of Snow White? I mean, the production. Bianca Majolie: Oh, it was the last days of school. You know? The sort of slow build up to a great release, a great sense of an...