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  1. Colab TL discussion thread.

    I'm thinking of creating a colab TL where Kosygin becomes Soviet Leader after Brezhnev is killed. The only rule so far I can think of, if anyone's interested, is, no distopia events.
  2. WI Montazeri takes over in '79'?

    What if someone moderate took over in the Iranian Revolution, like Montazeri, what kind of Iran would that be?
  3. cast the cold war

    I've seen some of the cast threads, and I wasn't sure if this has been done before. Who could play the major figures in the Cold War? Harry S Truman's up first.
  4. Good Stalin: A colaborative TL

    After seeing several colaberative TL's I decided to make one of my own. Stalin still becomes leader of the USSR, but isn't the paranoid man we know OTL. We each play several different characters. I'll play Stalin and other Soviet characters. Any takers for characters? We can play...
  5. TL idea: Chairman Deng.

    Here's an idea for a colab TL we could work on together if you wish. What if during the 1959 conference, Mao was voted out of the chairmanship of the CPC and replaced by Deng Xiaoping, with Liu as President and Zhou Enlai as Premier. Let's put together a TL of what China would be like under an...
  6. The Fourth Reich

    I want to delete this thread, cuz there wasn't enough research put into it.Wellcome to a colab TL between myself and Korporal Nooij. POD: Operation Valkyrie works. July 20: Adolf Hitler is killed in an explosion in the Wolf's Lair, along with many military commanders. A new government takes...