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  1. Could the Safavids have won the battle of Chaldiran?

    It doesn't seem that the ottomans loose that much, and their power base is in the Balkans, not in poor Anatolia. If anything, this could mean that the ottomans double down on europe and invade Italy. Anyway they will be forced to increase conversion in their lands.
  2. Clichés in Central Powers Scenarios.

    One thing that is often ignored is that the *germans* in AH were getting tired of comprising. When the Austrian government announced that civil servants in Bohemia would need to know both german and czech, they started to feel that they are loosing their greep on their empire. With German...
  3. What if the Soviet Union captured all of Xinjiang in 1934 and held it indefinitely?

    With Soviet rule in Xinjiang, China might have a harder time to rule Tibet, and it might give it a chance to stay independent, or with continued autonomy as the Chinese will try to whoo them from Soviet influence. The Dalay Lama might stay in Lahasa in this TL. Another thing that might be...
  4. Kingdom of Al Jazira might, but this is the middle east, so it will probably implode in a violent ethnic conflict.. Best case scenario is that it becomes a democratic kurdish state that guarantees minority rights for all.
  5. Kingdom of Al Jazira

    This kingdom is basically Kurdistan with an Arab king, in that time they might have more Assyrians then Arabs. It might work so long as the British are there, but they will need to reform.
  6. WI: Israel proceeded with “nuclear demonstrations” during the 1973 Yom Kippur War?

    The plan was for a nuclear test in the middle of the desert, as a warning to the arab armies. Never was it ever planed to actually use the bomb on actual people, at that time at least. It would have probably caused the US and the soviets to demand immediate cease fire, that they will get...
  7. Thought Experiment: How Would You Defend Against a US Invasion?

    The only winning move is not to play- surrender immediately and flee with a comfortable amount of stolen money to an early retirement in Moscow. While destroying your country and people just to give the Americans a bloody nose sounds fun, winning is not something that you really want for your...
  8. WI: Soviet Invasion AND OCCUPATION of Afghanistan in 1929

    Maybe the soviets limet themselves to the Tajik and Uzbek regions, and annex them to their titular republics? So the rest pf Afghanistan can remain a pashtun buffer state between them and india
  9. WI: Greco-Turkish War over the Aegean 1914 - help with TL

    What islands can the ottomans realistically acquire if they win this war?
  10. How would leftism be different if a non-Russian country went communist first?

    Russophobia isn't cool. Don't be racist.
  11. PC : Slower russian advances in ww2, prussia (pomerania and silesia) turned into east germany.

    Because at the beginning Germany was supposed to be a united neutral country, only later they created east Germany as a puppet.
  12. PC : Slower russian advances in ww2, prussia (pomerania and silesia) turned into east germany.

    It's more likely that in this scenario the soviets will simply expel all the remaining germans to Siberia and central asia as they did with alot of germans already. The Soviet Union doesn't *need* a German puppet state, it's much more likely that they will bargain for a neutral Germany and annex...
  13. A plausible non-Reagan actor, filmmaker, singer, or entertainer as USA president?

    What about Morgan Freeman as the first black president in the early 2000's?
  14. Who would win a 2 on 1 war in 1914: Austria and Russia vs Germany

    With WWI technology and probably mobilised armies in the Sudets, I can't see Bohemia fall. With Bohemia holding, the road to Vienna is very narrow and defensible. Germany probably need to also leave a big army in the west to keep an eye on France. Also, with the Ottomans neutral Russia can...
  15. What was the most fertile ground for a socialist revolution in 19th century Europe?

    What about France which had the Paris Commune? What about Germany which had the biggest socialist movement on the world? Marx thought that the revolution will start at the most industrial nations, and was very much against nationalist movement, mainly from the "small" and "dying" nations of...
  16. PC: Alternate Russian Unifiers

    Maybe a Kiev based one, or a southern st. Petersburg in the place of Rostov on Don will get you a southern oriented Russia.
  17. PC: Alternate Russian Unifiers

    Even though, I just can't see a Russian government based in Galicia that affectively deals with Kazan or even Novogrod. It's just too far, just like how a moscovite government had to wait till 1939 to rule Galicia. And a capital in lets say Leviv would have been too vulnerable to a Hungarian or...
  18. PC: Alternate Russian Unifiers

    Well they could do that, but it's not in human nature not to maximize profits.. maybe if the tech (I think it was a new kind of plow or something) was delayed so the serf system is abolished before it becomes really profitable.
  19. PC: Alternate Russian Unifiers

    I think that Kiev is the only realistic candidate from the Ukraine, othe cities like Presmysel were too much to the west to affectively rule Russia. And the treatment of the serfs was more to do with a unique combination of soil type and technology that made serfdom just more economical in...
  20. The Iron Eagle - The History of the Cold War

    1) What happened to Morocco and the Moroccan jews? Hopefully the managed to escaped to Israel similar to the Algerians. 2) What happened to the French colonies in the Americas (the Caribbean, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, French Guiana) and in Asia and the Pacific? I can't imagine that the British...