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  1. Wow! Alien Signal Confirmed: A Collaborative TL

    November 4 1980: James Earl Carter is narrowly reelected President of the United States, defeating the Republican nominee George HW Bush.
  2. Wow! Alien Signal Confirmed: A Collaborative TL

    December 22nd 1977: Ayatollah Khomeini dies in an automobile accident in Najaf. May 1st 1978: Shah Reza Pahlvani announces extensive political reforms, hoping to stop protests against his regime June 15th 1978: Rev. Jim Jones of the People's Temple cult and Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie...
  3. Maximum Plausible US Annexation from Mexico?

    Unless it is annexed gradually through two or more wars against Mexico.
  4. Wow! Alien Signal Confirmed: A Collaborative TL

    November 5 1978: Dan White commits suicide and leaves a note saying "The arrival of the Greater Beings are imminent-I must come to them".
  5. Wow! Alien Signal Confirmed: A Collaborative TL

    Are non-alien events allowed (ie butterflies resulting in say a second Carter presidency for example).
  6. Wow! Alien Signal Confirmed: A Collaborative TL

    August 27th 1977: Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev says in a speech "It is clear that we are not alone in this universe, but there are fellow comrades elsewhere who like all sapient species must still abide by Karl Marx's great insights. I can but hope there the withering away of the State has...
  7. Wow! Alien Signal Confirmed: A Collaborative TL

    Pat Robertson is not a theocrat (although a Religious Right-winger).
  8. Most Totalitarian Regime Possible?

    What is the bloodiest, and most totalitarian regime possible in modern times? In OTL it is generally considered that Pol Pot's Cambodia followed by Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Maoist China were the worst. Historically of course, Zhang Xianzhong probably takes the cake along with...
  9. Why did the Allies win WWI?

    The naval superiority of Britain which ensued a deadlock and blockade and the entrance of the US into the war which resulted in collapse of German morale
  10. Alternate SS Divisions

    I was thinking more of (ex) Soviet Central Asia than East Asia.
  11. It Can't Happen Here 1936 US Presidential Election

    Based on Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here.
  12. Alternate SS Divisions

    Probably the Kuomintang (there was lots of Chinese-German cooperation for a while). Considering Nazi ideology I suspect it'd be called "Qin Shi Huangdi" or "Tsao Tsao".
  13. Top 5 Best Presidents

    Hmm... 1. James Buchanan 2. Franklin Pierce 3. Millard Fillmore 4. James Madison 5. John Tyler
  14. Top 5 Best Presidents

    Counting only their Presidential administrations rather than what they did before or after: 1. Abraham Lincoln-Kept the Union together and abolished slavery 2. George Washington-Set important precedents regarding the Presidency and guided the country through its first few critical years 3. James...
  15. Retrospective US Presidential Election: 1980

    @ Jellobiafra: Well I don't have the time to respond to you point by point but we do know somewhat what Marx wanted as seen in his Communist Manifesto (and I've bolded ones that would generally be considered authoritarian)...
  16. The Alternate History Plausibility Scale

    We do see hints of what happens later, and none of them in the slightest imply that anything on the scale of those abovementioned events happened (ie for example the three Vitalist states described are New England, England, and Castille which resemble something Pinochet's Chile or Putinist...
  17. Alternate SS Divisions

    Karl May and other German authors tended to pose Indians more favourably then American Westerns. The Nazis even made a movie about John Sutter:
  18. AHC: Fascism as Widespread as Possible

    Sounds very interesting in the Chinese sense. :(;)
  19. The Alternate History Plausibility Scale

    If you substituted "slum" for "prarie" its OTL Ulster.