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  1. Maponus

    DBWI: No Treaty of Petrograd

    In 1915 the victorious Entente forces codified their occupation and dismemberment of the German Empire in the infamous Treaty of Petrograd. A decade later, the refusal of Bavarian troops to fire on protestors lit the fire of the Pan-German Revolution and set Europe on fire once again - and this...
  2. Maponus

    WI: PR "Experiment" Introduced in the 1918 Representation Act

    During the drawing up of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which famously gave women over 30 the vote and gave votes to nearly all men, there was some considerable debate about the introduction of proportional representation, and even of the alternate vote. From an article in...
  3. Maponus

    AHC: The minor parties of the UK "Khaki election" of 1918 survive and flourish

    What would be the best means to ensure that the small but notable upsurge of minor parties in the 1918 election go on to play a major role in the interwar period? Parties like the "patriotic labour" National Democratic and Labour Party, the far-right National Party, the patriotic-Marxist...
  4. Maponus

    WI: The Shimonoseki Campaign escalates into all out war between Japan a alliance of Western powers

    In 1863 and 1864 there was a series of naval battles between an alliance of France, Britain, America and the Netherlands against the Chōshū Domain, who were taking the "Expel the Barbarians" part of "Sonnō jōi" philosophy very seriously. In OTL the conflict remained restricted to the Shimonoseki...
  5. Maponus

    The Way the Wind Blows: The Collapse of Western Capitalism and the Second Cold War

    The Way the Wind Blows The Collapse of Western Capitalism and the Second Cold War "History rarely repeats itself, but its echoes never go away." - Chairmen Tariq Ali "The first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man." - Huey P. Newton Prologue The Unexpected Mikhail...
  6. Maponus

    AHC Plausibility Check Hybrid Thing: Manufacturing an Economic Crisis to Order

    So I bumping around an idea for a timeline in the late 60's and 70's, and in order for the political changes I want to be plausible I need there to be a major crisis of capitalism as bad as if not worse than the Great Depression and the recent Global Recession, but I don't really know much about...
  7. Maponus

    AHC: 19th Century a "Century of New Religions"

    The challenge, have the "new religions" and heretical movements of the 19th century become so powerful and successful that they essentially define that century as a "century of new religions", (perhaps even a "Year of New Religions" could occur). The rise of such religions as Mormonism, Babism...
  8. Maponus

    Alternate History Music: Synco Soundtrack

    "Synco" is a alternative history novel by the Chilean author Jorge Baradit, which features a Dystopian Chile ruled by Allende on the cybernetic principles of Project Cybersyn. As sometimes happens, this novel has been rather successful in Chile and has inspired a movie (which I think looks...
  9. Maponus

    David Cameron - KGB agent

    Cameron claims he was approached by the KGB at Cambrgide, to which Russia has recently responded by shouting "GAAAY" at him. What if he was recruited? How would this affect his future and the wider political situation?
  10. Maponus

    WI: American Rebels declare themselves new British government instead of indepedence

    What if, instead of a Declaration of Independence, the Patriots produced a document calling for a pan-Atlantic British Revolution, complete with calls for Britons at home to raise up?
  11. Maponus

    An Exclusive Preview of a New Alternate History Novel

    "What if Hitler Attacks Britain First"? We have all read time lines about how Germany could have invaded Britain between the fall of France and Operation Barbarossa, but what if Hitler attacked Britain first and then attacked France second? Such a question has confounded historians, but now a...
  12. Maponus

    Eden's intentions for post-Nasser Egypt - what were they?

    I'm currently researching for an essay about the British Empire in the Middle East and the impact Suez had on it, and I haven't find anything yet about what Eden's plan was other than to "depose Nasser." Well, that could mean anything. Anyone know what would have happened? If there's any...
  13. Maponus

    WI: "Seydlitztruppen" a reality

    Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach was a highly decorated German general who defected to the Soviet Union in WWII. He was demonised by Nazi propaganda, which dubbed his potential followers "Seydlitztruppen", Seydlitz troops. In OTL, his activities with the Soviets were restricted to propaganda...
  14. Maponus

    East vs. West – We are the World campaign

    What's that Paradox Interactive? You need material for alternate history outcomes? :p Here's the guy I invented: Name: Heinrich Zieschang Ideology: Maoist Trait: Supreme Leader Startdate: 1960.5.10 Enddate: 1999.5.10 Photo...
  15. Maponus

    Effect of a Central Powers Victory on Japan and China

    While I'm sure we all agree that any kind of occupation or invasion of either Japan or China is out of the question, the fact remains that both nations declared war on the Central Powers and any kind of advantage they hoped to gain from an Allied victory is now beyond their reach. Without the...
  16. Maponus

    DBWI: Some Manner of... Industrial Revolution?

    Dear Sirs, Many times have I enjoyed this journal, with it's simulating discussions of how Alexander's Campaigns and many other great events of antiquity may have gone in contrary directions if so decreed by fate, and many of you have greatly enjoyed my Historical Romances about a English...
  17. Maponus

    WI: Warsaw Pact Troops in Afghanistan

    What if it was not only Soviet troops who were sent to Afghanistan, but also troops from all over Eastern Europe?
  18. Maponus

    Political Naming What If's

    A lot of peoples perceptions of what ideologically charged words means isn't based on any real understanding of what that ideology was originally intended to be. Instead, people seem to improvise meanings based on what they read on google and what political parties in their country are called...
  19. Maponus

    New Hearts of Iron game announced!

    Paradox have announced a new expansion for Hearts of Iron 3, called 'Their Finest Hour'. I'm particularly excited because it will have a new 'Custom Game' setting especially designed for creating alternate history scenarios! Which means no more hours spent painstakingly fiddling with save game...
  20. Maponus

    AHC and WI: South Yemen lasts till Arab Spring

    What if the Communist state in South Yemen was able to pull a Cuba and outlast the Soviet Union, remaining a constant torn in the side of the US foreign policy in the region, and lasts long enough for the Arab Spring?