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  1. Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Wow, I had no idea.
  2. Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Was the coastline of the Caspian Sea so radically different just 1,700 years ago?
  3. Map Thread XX

    I like this a lot, what base map did you use to make this?
  4. Nice Reference Site(s)

    I recommend this blog by a Roman & Medieval Era historian. Lots of wonderful analysis of pop culture from a historical lens. Particularly good are his analysis of The Battle of Helms Deep and The Siege of Gondor (both book and move), as well as his recent analysis of Europa Universalis 4...
  5. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    I noticed that original map is still up, but I can't see it here.
  6. Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Looks fantastic. Are there more of these in the 100-500 AD range in this thread?
  7. Quarter-BAM Map Repository (Legacy)

    Are there any Late Ancient Era maps available? I saw one for 117AD on the wiki, but I'd like to have later maps as well. I want to try making a Lex Arcana inspired low fantasy map, where the Romans expanded down the Red Sea.
  8. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Quite a few of the maps in the earlier pages are missing. :(
  9. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    @Guy712 Your movie posters are consistently amazing. Wow!
  10. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    You guys know those Wikimedia Eastern hemisphere maps? The ones that show the borders for every century? Here's an example of the 13th century Does anyone know where I can find the base, blank map of that?
  11. Hi, DominusNovus. I hope you're doing well. I made a new post in that thread about a Roman Suez...

    Hi, DominusNovus. I hope you're doing well. I made a new post in that thread about a Roman Suez canal. I think I found by far the most likely moment in time it could have been contemplated and carried. Was wondering what you think...
  12. If we agree that gunpowder was discovered by chance, how does humanity progress if it's not discovered?

    Gunpowder was discovered by chance, but I don't think the rest of the advances you listed occured becauee of gunpowder. It would eventually have been discovered with the development of modern chemistry in the 18th century.
  13. Roman Suez Canal - Was it Possible?

    So, I was looking at the history of Roman contact with Arabian Felix and the perfect point of departure would seem to be the failure of the expedition by Gallus to modern Yemen. This failed in large part due to supply difficulties...
  14. How good can you make a crossbow?

    Late medieval Europe made some very powerful crossbows, but they were difficult to reload, firing twice a minute at best. The Chinese made repeating crossbows, but they were not powerful and relied on poison to kill. Given our much greater understanding of engineering and physics, was it...
  15. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    You mean 125 feet right?
  16. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    Is this census yearly, or every five years? Even modern countries only carry out a census every five or ten years. Every year would be very excessive.
  17. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    It's endless enough. Even the Nazis couldn't advance fast enough into and the steppe, and they were fighting a settled enemy, not a mobile one.
  18. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    They can't do anything besides crush the incursions themselves. The scythians will always be more mobile than the Romans, and can simply melt back into the endless steppe once beaten.
  19. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    Interesting update. What river is the Tysia? I've forgotten.
  20. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    Wouldn't the Kushans try to expand into Iran if the Neo-Parthians get crushed by the Romans?