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  1. Eivind

    Did Poppaea Sabina die before or after the Pisonian conspiracy?

    I don´t find information about the date when Poppea died, only that she died in 65 AD, the same year that the Pisonian conspiracy took place. I believe I read elsewhere that Poppaea wanted to see Seneca dead. Was she still alive when Seneca was forced to commit suicide and did she play a role in...
  2. Eivind

    What's the worst that can plausibly happen to the Western Allied cause as a result of them standing up to fight for Czechoslovakia in 1938?

    Both a and b. More Czechoslovakians are killed, but overall, the losses of lives are far smaller. You can only begin by mentioning that there would be no Holocaust. There would also be far fewer dead in other countries.
  3. Eivind

    No islam Sasanians fall to Seljuk Jews?

    The founder of the Seljuk dynasty was born several centuries after the POD, so in a no islam time line, there would also be no Seljuks.
  4. Eivind

    No Islam No Holy Roman Empire ?

    No islam means no Charles Martel, as he was born long after the POD. In this scenario, the interesting question is what happens with the (East) Roman Empire (which prior to the Muslim conquests had reconquered much of the west). One problem for the empire would be religious divisions between...
  5. Eivind

    AHC: Coptic separatism

    A lot of people have ancestors from Arabia. The question then would be how large percentage of your ancestry would have to be from Arabia to count as an Arab. My impression is that people consider themselves Arab if they speak Arab and self-identify as Arab. Probably Muslims outside Arabia...
  6. Eivind

    Joseph Goebbels at Nuremberg?

    Strange question. As if there is any doubt.
  7. Eivind

    AHC: Coptic separatism

    What is an Arab, really? Someone from Arabia? Someone who identifies as an Arab? Someone who speaks Arab as their mother tongue?
  8. Eivind

    What would the post war era look like for a Neutral or Allied Fascist Italy?

    Wouldn´t Libya become "Italy´s Algeria"?
  9. Eivind

    AHC: Have France and the Uk be sister-republics

    Indeed. Nationalism won out over ideology in communist countries like the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam and Cambodia, so no reason why the two should become best friends just because they were republics. Besides, if you want revolution at the same time, the POD would have to bea earlier, although...
  10. Eivind

    AHC: Norway joins EU

    2004? EU-membership has not been on the agenda after 1994.
  11. Eivind

    If not for the dominance of Islam would North Africa and the Levant region be viewed as more interconnected to Europe?

    Not really sure about Armenia. I have always considered them as a kind of Eastern Europeans, although, obviously they are geographically part of Asia.
  12. Eivind

    Wank Russian war effort during WW1

    Well, Russia must at least have thought it was possible to come out better by joining the war than by remaining outside. Otherwise, it is difficult to see why they joined.
  13. Eivind

    Britain and France invades Germany in 1990 to stop German reunification

    Why would Russia have any interest in doing so? Russia had no interest in a united Germany?
  14. Eivind

    Wank Russian war effort during WW1

    With a POD no earlier than then beginning of the war, how much can you wank Russian war effort during WW1?
  15. Eivind

    How isolated was Australia before the European arrival?

    Sometimes one can get the impression that the Europeans were the first outsiders to have contact with the Aboriginals since they arrived in Australia tens of thousands of years ago, but Australia is close to Indonesia (and New Guinea) and one would assume that both Indians and Chinese would be...
  16. Eivind

    What if India remained Buddhist?

    When exactly is the POD? I am no expert in Indian history, but IIRC, Buddhism had lost its force well before the arrival of Islam on the subcontinent. The POD would at least have to be after Muhammad, and Islamic forces would have to be equally successful in spreading eastwards (though not...
  17. Eivind

    What if India remained Buddhist?

    Long time since I read Indian history, but wouldn´t the POD be before Muhammad? If so, Islam would be butterflied.
  18. Eivind

    The development of separate Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalities/ethnicities

    But that does not really explain why he considered Belarus a separate ethnicity and why he drew the borders between the three East Slavic republics where he did. Why was Belarus considered separate from Ukraine? Both had historically been part of Poland. And why just three East Slavic...
  19. Eivind

    The development of separate Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalities/ethnicities

    But the reason why they today are separate nation states is that the Soviet regime decided that they should be separate republics, and when the Soviet Union ended, Belarus and Ukraine suddenly became independent. But that does not explain why the Soviet Union decided that they should be...
  20. Eivind

    The development of separate Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalities/ethnicities

    This has been discussed earlier, but as this was back in 2013, I guess it is against the rules to continue that thread, so I start a new one instead. Why did Ukraine and Belarus develop separate ethnicities? I would assume that there would be a dialect continuum rather than a clear cut dividing...