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  1. WI: Longer Lasting 2nd French Empire

    That's difficult to speculate on. I suppose it depends on if the Franco-Prussian War occurred with the same results, leaving either a decadent and confident France, or a revanchist France. One would build from there.
  2. Aurelian vs Trajan

    I'm going to say Aurelian. Trajan inherited the empire at it's near zenith, Aurelian inherited an empire in shambles. Both men were able to complete Herculean tasks. Had Aurelian survived, monotheism would be more prevalent sooner, and perhaps Christianity would be side-lined for the Cult of...
  3. The Last Eagle: Redux

    John Leopold’s Legacy of Empire, Chapter III: … The revolutionary fervor that had gripped France was shown to be not yet satiated with the blood of a Bourbon and the Jacobins. The corrupt Directory collapsed when pressured by Sieyes and Bonaparte. Three separate plots were intertwined with the...
  4. Aurelian, The Great

    Does anyone think that spared from assasination, Emperor Aurelian would be viewed on the same level as say Diocletian as far as 'saving the empire'? I am not nescessarily asking the ramifications of his survival (though I think they are very interesting) because the topic was already brought up...
  5. The Last Eagle: Redux

    Thank you kindly. As a side note, I am trying to update this more frequently. I will also switch up the style at the end of each part.
  6. The Last Eagle: Redux

    PRESIDENT BONAPARTE Yelling filled the halls of the Orangerie; that and angry gestures. Pages were running to and fro, grabbing slips of paper from the various members of the council as they tried to organize and counter each other’s maneuvers. The result was a tempest of shouts, whispers...
  7. The Last Eagle: Redux

    GENERAL MURAT Bonaparte had been too cautious. The plan was to scare the deputies out of Paris by the specter of Jacobinism. Instead of just bullying them out, Bonaparte had sent Murat with the fantastic job of inciting seditious behavior to provide tangible evidence for the legislators...
  8. The Last Eagle: Redux

    SULTAN SELIM III The letter floated down into the pyre, consumed by the flames. Selim and one of his ministers watched silently as it’s’ ashes floated up into the air of the palace. “This general. The man certainly values himself highly.” Selim nodded. He brushed his chin with a...
  9. Pope as Ottoman Emperor?

    Anything is possible. Other than that little nugget of intellectual gold I have no idea how to bring this about.
  10. WI:François Achille Bazaine died before the Franco-Prussian War

    I'm thinking someone needs to compose a tl.
  11. The Last Eagle: Redux

    GENERAL BONAPARTE The air in the carriage was uncomfortable to say the least. Though he was being hailed as the hero of France, General Bonaparte’s baggage car had been recently attacked by brigands. Add that to the mounting anger the young general felt towards his wife, and Berthier probably...
  12. WI:François Achille Bazaine died before the Franco-Prussian War

    I feel like this thought has crossed your mind before wolf brother. That response was impressive and interesting.
  13. Napoleon outlaws slavery.

    I know this is a well-known scenario, but if Napoleon does outlaw slavery and that result is tolerable enough for him to hold on to Louisiana (and the US have no objections) then perhaps after either of his falls from power he tries to set-up shop in North America. Not plausible, but hey...
  14. The Last Eagle: Redux

    CHAPTER III: Coup D'Etat LIEUTENANT D’ESTAING Achille rolled off the girl, nearly falling out of the bed at the same time, “Christ, you charge enough; buy yourself a bigger bed.” The woman rolled her eyes and got up in response. The lieutenant did not mind her as she walked over to the...
  15. The Last Eagle: Redux

    So before I post the next chapter I want to summarize the butterflies from the chapter two. Firstly, the effected Napoleon give Desaix a larger force after the revolt in Cairo. Desaix is able to locate Murad Bey far more quickly and capture him. This in turn allows Napoleon to better...
  16. States renouncing their Senate seats

    I apologize, when I think self-government I think independence.
  17. States renouncing their Senate seats

    How would they gain self-government from this?
  18. Napoleon doesn't turn on Spain and Russia

    While I cannot postulate the success of Spain's colonial hold based on the performance on either monarch, I can say that if there was no invasion Spain would certainly have a tighter grip.
  19. Napoleon doesn't turn on Spain and Russia

    Again, I am no expert here, but I would say they were about the same in their conservative rule. Tough question, would you say Charles would be skilled enough to hold on to the colonies?
  20. Napoleon doesn't turn on Spain and Russia

    The way I see it, in simple terms, is the situation lent itself to the invasion; with all the confusion surrounding the King and Prince's situation. While Spain was nominally allied with France, it's government was viewed as weak and prone to flopping sides. It was the prime opportunity to...