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  1. DBWI: The Visigoths conquered by the Moors?

    What would we call Spain in that TL. Because it comes from the roman name for the colony Hispania. Would the arabs rename the peninsula. Also, would spain be islamized. I mean the today we have muslims in the balkans but it´s mostly christian.
  2. AHC A Pan French Empire

    A succesful Napoleon or revolution would pull that of easily
  3. One-Term Presidents Who Should've Gotten a Second Term

    Is this thread locked? Or is it going to be moved to political chat? Anyway: Rutherford B. Hayes was promising. Herbert Hoover was the right guy at the wrong time I feel. He´d have been a good president 1920 but that was too early. I wonder how Jimmy Carter´s second term would´ve looked like.
  4. How would the United States had looked if

    Such big questions depend very much on the POD. So yeah, what democratic candidate wins? I see ways to make the dems the majority party in those years, but they vary and have different outcomes. I think no matter whether it´s a democrat or republican president, the US is going to move out of...
  5. Why did Cnut the Great invade England?

    Better question would be, why did his father Sweyn Forkbeard invade England? The answer is simple. It is not far, England seemed ripe for taking, it was a wealthy country, there were already a lot of danes there already and basically it seemed very doable. So yeah, I think it´s pretty much...
  6. Challenge : More Icelandic and Finnish medieval architecture built from stone

    The sagas claim Iceland was heavily forested and lots of placenames indicate that, but some geologists have doubted how accurate that is. There are many unforested yet unsettled areas in Iceland too. Not to split hairs though. In the 14th century there was built a huge wooden church at...
  7. Sweden enters the Crimean War

    Sweden would get their asses handed to them by the Russians unless they enjoy support from France and Britain. And not financial, they were offered that OTL, what they need are soldiers. Maybe this increases odds on Austria and Prussia joining, how close were they OTL? (I only just...
  8. Livingstone beats Johnson 2012

    This would be an interesting POD if Johnson manages to become the Tory leader in OTL.
  9. A surviving Yuan China

    Spot on. Can´t do it without making them more chinese. Which is the end result anyway if they stay longer in power. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Was there any emperor, plausible emperor of that dynasty who would´ve been reasonable enough to start the process of sinication?
  10. Philosophical WI: No Hegel

    It sounds like something Nietzche might get behind and beyond. If the next step were to become "god." Edit: I´m really not well read enough to contribute a lot to a discussion on 19th century philosophy WI, but it´s still pretty interesting, and rare to see a good intellectual POD.
  11. Philosophical WI: No Hegel

    Tell me more about this Feuerbach. What would be the major divergence between him and Hegel?
  12. Philosophical WI: No Hegel

    Hegel´s great contribution is his view of history. It´s messianic, sort of. The world is on a certain path towards completion. It is completely Hegelian of Marx to see the history as a struggle between proletariat and patriarchs, with the final outcome a communistic society. But that sort of...
  13. Philosophical WI: No Hegel

    Well, we have to wonder about the Zeitgeist(:D) here a little bit. What Hegelian ideas are likely to develop anyway? Surely he´s not the only one who´s going to imagine the nation state as the height of development. Nor the only one to think of history in terms of thesis-antithesis-synthesis...
  14. Batman Begins replaces Batman 1989

    WI he`d have kept Jack Nicholson as Ra`s Al Ghul? And Johnny Depp as Scarecrow anyone?:D (Hey, It`s Tim Burton)
  15. Kingdom of Finland?

    I think he will tolerate a puppet;)
  16. WI Alexander the Great dies a premature death

    We know. As for the WI: I think if Macedonians can unite around a king there will be an invasion and it might be just as succesful.
  17. What if No Genghis Khan?

    True. I wonder how people would view China in such an ATL. Or the idea of a unified China. The southern part would probably become the powerful one I assume.
  18. What if No Genghis Khan?

    Are the mongol conquests completely avoided by wiping out Genghis Khan or are they a ticking time bomb? Surely they could have united at a later point. They maybe less effective of course. Genghis really was a unique man for his time, rewarding talent and making intelligent decisions.
  19. WI/AHC: Japanese Alaska?

    Hokkaido was settled in the 19th century. A different Japan can go colonizing earlier. They have surplus population/famines, and they actually were quite outlooking before 1600. One warlord sent 500 people to Europe in order to study catholicism and various other things.
  20. LBJ Dies Sometime Between December 1965 And December 1967.

    I think when you die as president you don´t get blamed for your decisions but merely the consequences of your previous decisions few years ago. JFK gets blanco on Vietnam. I say LBJ too. It´d be ironic but possible for HHH to end Vietnam and get blamed for it.