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  1. treefreak32

    AHC: Earlier Successful Women's Rights Movements

    With a POD anytime before 1900, have there be a successful push for women's rights in societies which historically did not have equality between the sexes which lasts into TTL 21st century, resulting in a greater level of women's rights worldwide than OTL. Feel free to interpret this however you...
  2. treefreak32

    Speculative Futures to Alternate History Timelines

    I essentially just wanted to make this thread for speculation of what the future holds for various timelines. Examples of what I mean are things like b_munro's take on a modern Decades of Darkness, the modern Kaiserreich scenarios you see sometimes, and the various Watchmen sequels we've gotten...
  3. treefreak32

    This Guilty Land: A Post-Civil War Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue: How The South Was Won

    "I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood. I had, as I now think, vainly flattered myself that without very much bloodshed, it might be done." -John Brown, Abolitionist Prologue: How The South Was Won History diverges...
  4. treefreak32

    Pop Culture DBWI: American Star Trek, British Doctor Who

    Everybody knows that Doctor Who has defined Science Fiction on TV. For most Americans, when they think of Sci-fi, they think of Doctor Who. In recent years, Britain's own tentpole Sci-Fi series, Star Trek, has blown up in popularity internationally. The productions and fandoms of these two...
  5. treefreak32

    Published AH stories which would have been better as Forum Timelines

    Which works of published alternate history would have benefited from instead being written in the style of one of our forum's timeline? This can include works written before the creation of the site. The style I'm specifically referring to is the style we often see here nowadays, popularized by...
  6. treefreak32

    AHC: Latin Draka/Reverse Decades of Darkness

    Obviously, this is a pretty crazy one, but I've been reading Jared's DoD and was struck with the idea of reversing the fates of North and South America in that TL. Essentially, how could a Latin American super power (Gran Colombia maybe?) get the idea that they were a master race, and decide to...
  7. treefreak32

    Most Evil/Powerful Societies in AH

    Two-pronged question: What do you believe is the most powerful civilization/society in the genre? Who is the most evil? Just a fun question I thought people may want to discuss.
  8. treefreak32

    Potential Victoria 3 Mods

    I'll admit I've never really played Victoria 2 (I basically just missed the boat on it, despite liking many other Paradox games) but when Victoria 3 was announced I was rather excited, since I feel like I can now finally get into the Victoria experience. We all know that Hoi4 has a million...
  9. treefreak32

    AHC: A Communist Germany and a Fascist Russia

    With a POD after 1900, make Germany communist and Russia Fascist.
  10. treefreak32

    What is the best-case scenario for Napoleon Bonaparte?

    Within the realm of realism (no ASB, no absurd wanking), what is the most Napoleon could hope to achieve within his lifetime? Could he have honestly defeated Britain, or could he only force them into a ceasefire or stalemate of some kind?
  11. treefreak32

    Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

    Essentially, what endings to Movies, Games, Books, etc. do you think imply interesting Alt-History scenarios? Sort of like how Independence Day 2 created a scenario out of the aftermath of the first film, or how the Watchmen show furthers the original's TL using the events of the first and...
  12. treefreak32

    Would a Fallout-style Peshawar Lancers game work?

    I've been reading The Peshwar Lancers recently and can't help but feel like it would make a great RPG. Obviously this probably will never happen, but what do you think? Would it work?