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  1. Chinese warlords and Japan working together?

    PoD in 1920s or early 1930s Could Japan cooperate with Chinese warlords to help fight other factions and KMT while turning the warlords into economic satellites and Japan plans to eat coastal and central provinces of China and join the fight later? More specifically Fengtian, Ma, Yunnan...
  2. WI: Naval Invasions during Sengoku Era?

    Could Japanese develop&use naval tactics against other each other during the Sengoku era and how effective will it be during and after the war? To be specific, during Oda's time. In my opinion, they could but I don't think it would be very effective due to logistics but would affect how the...
  3. Challenge: Balkanizing China

    Make a PoD of Manchuko, Canton(Guangdong + Yunnan), and Xinjiang an independent countries from China proper until today. Yes, I mean the Guangdong + Yunnan in HOI3 to form Canton. Do whatever you like for China Proper, but I think it'll be in Japanese sphere or be a puppet. Mongolia... uh...
  4. WWI avoided?

    Suppose that Kaiser is OK enough to continue what Bismark was doing: maintaining relations with the West and Russia. Then said no to Austria-Hungary when the assassination happened. How will the future be for AH? Crises where Germany, Russia, Italy, and GB intervenes? How will they split AH?